"The Ultimate Guide: How to Stream Celtic vs. Atletico Madrid Live for Free in Australia"streaming,Celtic,AtleticoMadrid,live,free,Australia
"The Ultimate Guide: How to Stream Celtic vs. Atletico Madrid Live for Free in Australia"

“The Ultimate Guide: How to Stream Celtic vs. Atletico Madrid Live for Free in Australia”

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Watching the Celtic vs. Atletico Madrid Match


The highly anticipated Champions League group stage match between Celtic and Atletico Madrid is set to take place on Wednesday, October 25th at Celtic Park. Fans across the globe are eager to witness this thrilling encounter between two competitive teams. For those in Australia, there are several options to watch the match live, and this report will provide all the necessary information.

TV Coverage and Live Stream

The match will be broadcasted live on CBS Sports Network, with the kick-off time set for 3:00 PM Eastern Time (ET). To enjoy the game on TV, Australian fans should check their local cable or satellite TV providers to see if CBS Sports Network is available in their package. Alternatively, for those who prefer streaming, Fubo TV offers a free trial that can be utilized to catch the action.

Key Players and Stats

Atletico Madrid, currently ranked second in LaLiga, boasts an impressive offensive record, having scored 70 goals at a rate of 1.8 per match. However, their defense has conceded 33 goals, averaging 0.9 per game. It is crucial to note that Atletico Madrid’s goal difference (+37) places them third in LaLiga.

Antoine Griezmann, the star forward for Atletico Madrid, has displayed remarkable performance with 15 goals in 38 LaLiga games. His goal tally ranks him fourth in the league. Alvaro Morata, the second-leading scorer for Atletico Madrid, has scored 13 goals in 37 LaLiga appearances. Griezmann also leads the league in assists, with 18 in 38 matches.

Celtic and Atletico Madrid’s Schedule

Both teams have encountered a mixture of results in their respective matches leading up to this fixture. Atletico Madrid drew 1-1 against Lazio in an away match on September 19th and secured a 3-2 victory against Feyenoord Rotterdam at home on October 4th. As for Celtic, they suffered a 2-0 defeat against Feyenoord Rotterdam in an away match on September 19th and lost 2-1 to Lazio at home on October 4th.

The upcoming match on October 25th will serve as a crucial opportunity for both teams to earn vital points in the group stage. Atletico Madrid will host Celtic in a home fixture on November 7th, creating a chance for the Scottish club to seek redemption after their previous defeat.

Editorial: The Significance of the Match

The clash between Celtic and Atletico Madrid is not just a football match; it represents a meeting of different footballing philosophies. Celtic, a powerhouse in Scottish football, embraces an attacking, fast-paced style of play. On the other hand, Atletico Madrid, a perennial contender in LaLiga, emphasizes solid defensive tactics and counter-attacking prowess. This contest epitomizes the battle between different footballing ideologies and offers spectators a chance to witness contrasting approaches on the field.

Both teams have experienced success in their respective leagues, but the Champions League provides an even greater platform for them to prove their worth. This match will surely be a riveting display of skill, determination, and strategy from both sides.

Advice: How to Follow the Match

For Australian fans, there are various ways to stay updated and engaged with the Celtic vs. Atletico Madrid match. Firstly, subscribing to sports newsletters such as Sports Illustrated’s SI: AM Newsletter can provide in-depth analysis and unrivaled access to the world of football. These newsletters offer daily updates and the best stories from the sporting world.

In addition, social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook will provide instant updates, live score updates, and highlights during and after the game. It is recommended to follow official accounts of both clubs, reputable sports news outlets, and football pundits to receive reliable information.

Lastly, engaging in discussions with fellow football enthusiasts on online forums or joining live match chat rooms can enhance the viewing experience. It allows fans to share opinions, insights, and celebrate great moments of the game collectively.

In conclusion, the Celtic vs. Atletico Madrid match promises to be a spectacle worth watching for all football fans. It offers the chance to witness contrasting playing styles and showcases the immense talent displayed by both sides. By taking advantage of TV coverage, live streaming, and staying updated through various mediums, Australian fans can fully immerse themselves in this exciting Champions League clash.


"The Ultimate Guide: How to Stream Celtic vs. Atletico Madrid Live for Free in Australia"
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