"The Voice referendum LIVE updates: PM laments Yes vote loss as Australia faces a divisive outcome"voicereferendum,liveupdates,PM,Yesvoteloss,Australia,divisiveoutcome
"The Voice referendum LIVE updates: PM laments Yes vote loss as Australia faces a divisive outcome"

“The Voice referendum LIVE updates: PM laments Yes vote loss as Australia faces a divisive outcome”

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Politics Federal Voice to parliament The Voice referendum LIVE updates: PM laments Yes vote loss as Australia rejects constitutional change; every state votes No


The results of the Voice referendum in Australia have been announced, revealing that every state voted against the proposal to enshrine an Indigenous Voice to parliament in the Constitution. The Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, expressed his respect for the outcome and called for the nation to find a new path towards Indigenous reconciliation. While this defeat is seen as a day of sadness for many supporters of the Indigenous Voice, it is not the end of the road for reconciliation efforts. Opposition Leader Peter Dutton believes that the outcome is good for the country and has called for a focus on addressing Indigenous disadvantage through alternative means.

Analysis: Australia Tells First Nations People ‘You Are Not Special’

The result of the Voice referendum has left many Indigenous Australians feeling marginalized and rejected by the majority. Jacqueline Maley argues that the referendum outcome symbolizes the ongoing power imbalance between First Nations people and the rest of the nation. The failure to recognize the need for an Indigenous Voice highlights the continued discrimination and lack of choice experienced by Aboriginal people in Australia. Maley states that the proposal for an Indigenous Voice, known as the Voice, was seen as a self-determined solution to address the extreme disadvantage faced by Indigenous Australians. However, the No campaign swiftly obliterated these hopes, leaving many feeling unheard and disempowered.

Opinion: So What Do I Say to My Kids?

The defeat of the Voice referendum raises difficult questions for parents like Jack Latimore. As an Aboriginal parent, Latimore grapples with how to explain to his children the rejection of the Voice and what it means for their place in Australia. Latimore reveals that his children’s school and kindergarten embraced a Yes position, signaling support for Aboriginal people’s right to be heard. However, with the decline in support for the Voice in the lead-up to the referendum, Latimore’s concern grew about how to explain the No vote to his children. The rejection of the Voice sends a message to his children, who proudly identify as Birpai, that they are not wanted or valued in their own country.

Prime Minister Quotes Winston Churchill on Success

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, in his press conference following the defeat of the referendum, quoted Winston Churchill to emphasize the importance of courage and perseverance. While respecting the outcome of the referendum, Albanese stated that his government would continue to work towards closing the gap and advancing reconciliation. He also highlighted the promises he has fulfilled, such as cheaper childcare and housing, national reconstruction, and climate policies. Albanese aims to restore faith in politics by delivering on his commitments and listening to the needs of all Australians.

Call for Royal Commission into Sexual Abuse of Indigenous Children

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has reiterated his call for a royal commission into child sexual abuse in Indigenous communities. Dutton believes that addressing law and order, increasing school attendance, and employment in remote communities are crucial for improving outcomes for Indigenous Australians. He argues for listening to people in these communities instead of relying solely on activists. Dutton accuses Prime Minister Albanese of arrogance and emphasizes the need for strong leadership that unifies the nation.

Time for a New Era: Fresh Attitude to Indigenous Policy

Shadow Minister for Indigenous Australians, Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, calls for a new era in Indigenous policy that moves away from grievance and focuses on practical outcomes for marginalized communities. She believes it is time for Australians to prioritize their common identity as part of the nation and work towards unity. Price expresses gratitude for the referendum result and argues that the No campaign was accused of misleading the country despite lacking clear information on the proposed advisory body.

Outcome ‘Good for Our Country’: Dutton

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton views the outcome of the referendum as positive for the country. While acknowledging that some Australians may be disappointed, he emphasizes the need to accept the democratic result and move forward. Dutton believes that the referendum highlights the shared love for the country and the desire to address Indigenous disadvantage, though there may be differing opinions on the best approach. He praises the Australian people for their engagement and calls for a focus on addressing the needs of all Australians.

Editorial: Moving Forward with Reconciliation

The defeat of the Voice referendum presents Australia with an opportunity to reflect on the state of Indigenous affairs and the path towards reconciliation. While the outcome may be disheartening for supporters of the Indigenous Voice, it is crucial not to lose sight of the ultimate goal: to address the extreme disadvantage faced by Indigenous Australians and work towards true equality. The referendum result should serve as a catalyst for renewed efforts and collaboration between government, Indigenous communities, and the wider Australian society. It is essential to listen to the voices of First Nations people and ensure that their needs and aspirations are heard and respected. Governments and policymakers must explore alternative approaches to closing the gap and prioritize practical outcomes that benefit all Australians. Reconciliation is a journey that requires continuous courage, resilience, and a commitment to working together towards a more inclusive and equitable future.


"The Voice referendum LIVE updates: PM laments Yes vote loss as Australia faces a divisive outcome"
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