The Weekend Warfare: An Inside Look at United's Saturday Night ShowdownUnited,WeekendWarfare,SaturdayNightShowdown,InsideLook
The Weekend Warfare: An Inside Look at United's Saturday Night Showdown

The Weekend Warfare: An Inside Look at United’s Saturday Night Showdown

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Why United are kicking off on Saturday night

By Adam Marshall

Thursday 21 September 2023 12:01

Manchester United‘s next Premier League game is against Burnley and will take place on Saturday night at 20:00 BST. The evening slot for the game is a result of a recent rule change. According to the new rule, teams that play in the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday nights cannot have a lunchtime start for their next Premier League game. This change gives United some extra time to train and prepare for the Burnley match.

Following their 4-3 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Group A opener, United and their manager Erik ten Hag have taken the opportunity to spend more time in Germany and train in the area. This additional preparation time could prove beneficial as United aims to secure their first away victory of the season.

The First-Ever League Outing on TNT Sports

The match against Burnley will mark United‘s first-ever league outing on TNT Sports. This television channel, formerly known as BT Sport, covered United‘s European opener in Munich. During that coverage, former United players Rio Ferdinand, Owen Hargreaves, and Paul Scholes offered their insights on the match. The new broadcasting partnership with TNT Sports is an exciting development for United, providing fans with a different viewing experience.

No 12:30 PM Kick-Off This Premier League Weekend

It is important to note that there will be no 12:30 PM kick-off this Premier League weekend. United‘s game against Burnley will follow the teatime fixture between Brentford and Everton. This scheduling change allows fans to enjoy a full day of Premier League action, with United‘s game serving as the evening highlight.

Showcasing the New Third Kit

In addition to the change in schedule, Saturday’s game will also feature the first competitive appearance of United‘s new adidas third strip. The team will be wearing white shirts, providing a fresh and unique look on the field. This new kit adds a sense of anticipation and excitement to the game, giving fans a chance to see their favorite players in a different attire.

Press Conference and Build-Up

As part of the pre-match preparations, manager Erik ten Hag will be holding a press conference on Friday. Fans can tune in to the United App and at 13:30 BST to catch the conference and get the latest updates and insights from the manager.

Leading up to the game, United will also provide comprehensive build-up coverage of the clash with Burnley. The last meeting between the two teams was a 2-0 win for United on the road to Carabao Cup glory in December. This past encounter adds an element of history and rivalry to the upcoming match, making it an important fixture to follow.

In Conclusion

The scheduling change for United‘s game against Burnley on Saturday night is a direct result of the rule change that prevents teams from playing lunchtime matches after participating in Wednesday night UEFA Champions League fixtures. This change has allowed United additional training time following their defeat to Bayern Munich.

The match against Burnley on TNT Sports is a new and exciting experience for United and their fans. The absence of a 12:30 PM kick-off this weekend ensures that the Premier League action continues throughout the day, culminating in a night-time showdown between United and Burnley.

The introduction of the new adidas third strip further adds to the anticipation and novelty surrounding the game. The press conference and build-up coverage provide fans with additional insights and updates from the team.

Overall, Saturday’s game serves as an important opportunity for United to claim their first away victory of the season, showcase their new kit, and continue their pursuit of success in the Premier League.


The Weekend Warfare: An Inside Look at United
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