Top-Notch Nosh: Providoor Returns to Serve Up Gourmet Takeaway Delightswordpress,fooddelivery,gourmet,takeaway,Providoor
Top-Notch Nosh: Providoor Returns to Serve Up Gourmet Takeaway Delights

Top-Notch Nosh: Providoor Returns to Serve Up Gourmet Takeaway Delights

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Top-Tier Takeaway Service Providoor Returns with Star Power

Providoor, the premium meal-delivery platform that made waves during the Covid-19 pandemic, is making a comeback with an all-star team. Launched in 2020 by Melbourne chef Shane Delia, Providoor provided a lifeline to many restaurants during the chaos and closures caused by the pandemic. However, the service went into liquidation in April.

New Investor and High-Profile Chefs Join Providoor

Now, Providoor is relaunching with a new investor and an impressive lineup of high-profile chefs and food personalities. The new team includes renowned figures such as Matt Preston, Silvia Colloca, Anna Polyviou, Luke Nguyen, and Gary Mehigan, among others. Delia is not involved with the new venture.

This exciting collaboration brings together chefs who do not have their own physical restaurants, giving customers a unique opportunity to taste their signature dishes without having to cook them themselves. From Colloca’s lasagne recipe to Mehigan’s Moroccan-style lamb tagine, and Nguyen’s handmade dumplings and Peking duck pancakes, Providoor will offer a diverse range of culinary experiences.

A New Business Model: Providoor Frozen and Providoor Local

The revived Providoor will present a new business model, divided into two offerings: Providoor Frozen and Providoor Local. Providoor Frozen will be available for online ordering in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, while Providoor Local will be exclusively accessible through the Uber Eats app in Sydney (for now).

The introduction of Providoor Frozen opens up a world of possibilities for at-home diners. Customers will have the opportunity to order frozen meals created by top chefs and simply heat them up in the comfort of their own kitchens. This concept provides a unique connection between customers and renowned chefs, allowing for elevated at-home dining experiences without the need for extensive cooking.

New Ownership and Promise of Revitalization

Sam Benjamin, entrepreneur and founder/managing director of Sydney’s Seventh Street Ventures, acquired Providoor in April following its closure. Benjamin is no stranger to the media and food industry, with his company backing Rolling Stone magazine, the Brag Media, and ghost-kitchen platform Kaspa.

In a press release, Benjamin expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity to revive Providoor: “I was a customer and loved the original concept of Providoor. It offers a connection for at-home diners to top chefs and restaurants – [for customers] who don’t want to cook but want elevated at-home dining. I know we can breathe new life back into a brand that has such good sentiment. The demand is there, and we are ready to meet it.”

Dealing with Outstanding Gift Vouchers

One issue that arose from Providoor‘s liquidation was the existence of over $4 million in unused gift vouchers. Unfortunately, these vouchers will not be automatically honored. However, Sam Benjamin has extended an invitation to voucher-holders to contact Providoor directly.

Editorial: A Resurgence of Premium Home Dining

The return of Providoor with a new team and an impressive lineup of chefs marks a significant milestone in the food delivery industry. The collaboration between renowned chefs and a forward-thinking entrepreneur like Sam Benjamin brings excitement and the promise of unique dining experiences to customers.

Providoor Frozen, in particular, presents a game-changing concept by offering frozen meals crafted by top-tier chefs. This innovation allows customers to enjoy restaurant-quality meals with ease and convenience. It provides an opportunity to experience the culinary creativity of acclaimed chefs without the need for extensive cooking skills.

At a time when takeaway and delivery services have become increasingly popular, Providoor‘s revival represents a revival of premium home dining. It bridges the gap between the restaurant and home dining experience, offering customers the chance to indulge in high-quality meals from celebrated chefs from the comfort of their own homes.

Furthermore, the involvement of high-profile chefs who don’t have their own physical restaurants opens up a world of culinary exploration for customers. It enables individuals to sample unique dishes and cuisines that may not have been easily accessible before. This collaboration between Providoor and the talented chefs adds a touch of excitement and exclusivity to the dining experience.

Advice: Elevate Your Home Dining Experience with Providoor

If you are someone who appreciates fine dining and wants to elevate your home dining experience, the revival of Providoor is an opportunity not to be missed. With Providoor Frozen, you can indulge in the culinary creations of renowned chefs without the hassle of cooking from scratch.

To make the most of Providoor, explore the diverse range of dishes on offer and try something new. Whether it’s Colloca’s lasagne, Mehigan’s Moroccan-style lamb tagine, or Nguyen’s handmade dumplings, there is something for everyone’s taste buds.

Don’t forget to check out Providoor Local, which provides a selection of dishes exclusively through the Uber Eats app in Sydney. This offering allows you to experience the convenience of premium home dining without compromising on taste or quality.

Although the unused gift vouchers from Providoor‘s previous incarnation will not be automatically honored, it is worth reaching out to Providoor directly if you have any outstanding vouchers. This may provide an opportunity to resolve any concerns and potentially redeem the value of your vouchers.

As the hospitality industry continues to adapt to the changing landscape, Providoor‘s return is a testament to the resilience and innovation of the food industry. Embrace this exciting development and let Providoor redefine your home dining experience.


Top-Notch Nosh: Providoor Returns to Serve Up Gourmet Takeaway Delights
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