Troye Sivan Gives Ross Lynch a Ring for 'One of Your Girls' Music Videotroyesivan,rosslynch,oneofyourgirls,musicvideo,ring
Troye Sivan Gives Ross Lynch a Ring for 'One of Your Girls' Music Video

Troye Sivan Gives Ross Lynch a Ring for ‘One of Your Girls’ Music Video

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Troye Sivan Gives Ross Lynch a Call for ‘One of Your Girls’ Video

Troye Sivan’s New Album

Australian singer-songwriter Troye Sivan recently released his highly anticipated album, “Something to Give Each Other,” on Friday, marking a significant milestone in his musical career. Accompanying the album’s release, Sivan premiered a visually stunning music video for one of the tracks, titled “One of Your Girls.” The video showcases Sivan’s artistic versatility and captures the essence of the song’s message in a compelling way.

A Captivating Music Video

The black and white visual for “One of Your Girls” begins with Sivan looking directly into the camera, captivating viewers from the very start. The lyrics express Sivan’s desire for a genuine connection, as he sings, “Look at you/Skip the application, interview, Sweet like Marabou.” This opening scene sets the stage for the bittersweet journey that unfolds throughout the video.

Exploring Identity Through Drag

As the song progresses, the camera cuts to Sivan donning drag attire, wearing a white dress and knee-high boots. This bold choice showcases his exploration of identity and challenges societal norms. The inclusion of drag in this music video is significant as it celebrates and embraces diversity, while also conveying a deeper message about the fluidity of gender and the importance of self-expression.

Ross Lynch’s Memorable Cameo

The video also features a special cameo appearance by Ross Lynch, adding an unexpected element of excitement for fans of both artists. Lynch’s presence further amplifies the underlying themes of connection and camaraderie that Sivan explores in his album. The collaboration between the two musicians creates a harmonious blend of talent and adds another layer of depth to the music video.

Reflecting on Personal Growth

Sivan’s album, “Something to Give Each Other,” is deeply rooted in personal experiences, particularly the emotional journey he went through after a difficult breakup. He has openly shared that during that period, he doubted the possibility of finding love again. However, he ultimately learned valuable lessons about resilience and self-discovery.

Philosophical Reflections

Sivan’s introspection and philosophical reflections on the nature of relationships and personal growth are at the core of this album. He expressed, “I had a lot of friends have that conversation with me when I was going through my breakup: ‘Oh, but you know, you’re gonna be OK, and there’s so many people out there…’ It’s hard to hear it at the time, and you know, you kind of doubt it.”

Finding Hope and Encouragement

The artist acknowledges that his journey took longer than expected, but it ultimately led him to a place of self-acceptance and hope. Sivan hopes that his album serves as a comforting conversation with listeners. He wants to communicate the message, “Girl, I promise you,” reassuring others that they too can find love and happiness.


Sivan’s latest music video and album demonstrate his growth as an artist, both sonically and emotionally. Through his music, he embraces vulnerability and challenges societal norms, inviting others to do the same. The inclusion of powerful visuals, such as drag, adds an additional layer of meaning and fosters inclusivity.


As listeners engage with Sivan’s music and watch the “One of Your Girls” video, they have the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences and journey of self-discovery. Sivan’s openness and genuine expression serve as a reminder that everyone’s path is unique and that personal growth often takes time. His message of hope and friendship resonates deeply, reminding us to support and uplift one another along the way.


Troye Sivan Gives Ross Lynch a Ring for
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