"Tuchel's Take: Unraveling Bayern's Expectations in the Champions League"tuchel,bayern,expectations,championsleague
"Tuchel's Take: Unraveling Bayern's Expectations in the Champions League"

“Tuchel’s Take: Unraveling Bayern’s Expectations in the Champions League”

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Thomas Tuchel on Bayern‘s Expectations, the Champions League, the Premier League, Harry Kane, and Mathys Tel


Bayern coach, Thomas Tuchel, discusses various topics in a recent UEFA interview, including his aspirations for the German champions, the Bundesliga versus the Premier League, and his thoughts on star players Harry Kane and Mathys Tel.

The Pressure and Expectations at Bayern

At Bayern Munich, the pressure to win is an integral part of the team’s philosophy. Tuchel acknowledges that the club creates a significant amount of pressure for itself, aiming for perfect training sessions, weeks of training, and games. The expectations at Bayern are exceedingly high, with victories expected while playing attractive football and scoring goals. Tuchel believes that pressure is a positive aspect of the game and that it is essential to feel comfortable at work and with the team, recognizing that the external pressure will never surpass the pressure individuals put on themselves.

Bayern‘s Champions League Group and the Knockout Stage

Tuchel acknowledges the tight competition in the Champions League group stage, highlighting the need for alertness and focus. He believes that there are no longer any easy group stages and that even a single mistake can be detrimental. Bayern Munich is working on developing resilience and robustness, exemplified by their ability to turn games around after falling behind. Tuchel‘s ultimate goal is to reach the quarter-finals and believes that luck of the draw plays a significant role in the later stages of the competition. If Bayern can secure a favorable draw in the round of 16, any team that makes it to the quarter-finals has a chance to win the tournament.

The Difference Between the Bundesliga and Premier League

Tuchel discusses the disparities between the Bundesliga and Premier League, asserting that the Premier League demands more from players mentally, physically, and psychologically. He believes that the robust nature of the Premier League can be both an advantage and disadvantage for English teams. While playing in the Premier League is extremely stressful, teams are forced to rotate players more frequently to cope with the demanding schedule. This emphasis on robustness has made English teams competitive on the international stage. Tuchel notes that the physicality of the Premier League has even influenced tactical decisions, with teams opting for flat back fours and a more physical style of play at the highest level.

Harry Kane’s Impact at Bayern

Tuchel praises the summer signing of Harry Kane, describing him as not only talented but world-class. He believes that Kane’s talent, aura, personality, modesty, and love for the game make him a significant asset for Bayern Munich. Tuchel credits the club for persuading Kane to leave England and foresees that Kane will only improve once he fully settles in and his family joins him. Tuchel highlights Kane’s influence on and off the pitch, noting his exemplary attitude and training habits. Kane’s presence in the dressing room and his dedication to the game make him a valuable addition to the team.

Mathys Tel’s Role and Future

In discussing Mathys Tel, Tuchel explains that while the team considers giving him a starting role, Tel’s impact off the bench is currently vital. Tel’s ability to change the game completely, provide energy, and score decisive goals in a short amount of time is crucial to the team’s success. Tuchel emphasizes that Tel’s role is extremely important and that he fully embraces it, leaving his ego on the sidelines. As an 18-year-old, Tel’s ability to perform at a high level in this role is remarkable, signaling a promising future for the young player.


Thomas Tuchel‘s interview with UEFA provides insights into his perspective on Bayern Munich’s expectations, the Champions League, the Premier League, and the impact of star players Harry Kane and Mathys Tel. Tuchel acknowledges the pressure to succeed at Bayern and the high expectations of the club. He highlights the importance of resilience and robustness in the Champions League and shares his opinion on the differences between the Bundesliga and Premier League. The signing of Harry Kane is seen as a significant coup for Bayern Munich, while Mathys Tel’s impact off the bench is highly valued. Tuchel‘s thoughts and observations shed light on the challenges and aspirations of one of Europe’s top football clubs.


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