Victorious Earl and Dan propel England to triumph over Argentina in the bronze finalwordpress,tagnames,England,triumph,Argentina,bronzefinal
Victorious Earl and Dan propel England to triumph over Argentina in the bronze final

Victorious Earl and Dan propel England to triumph over Argentina in the bronze final

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England Triumphs Over Argentina in Rugby World Cup Bronze Final

In a thrilling match that ended with a score of 26-23, England secured victory over Argentina in the Rugby World Cup Bronze Final. The match, although often scrappy and filled with tension, showcased the determination and skill of both teams. While it may be seen as a consolation prize, England‘s third-place finish is a testament to their resilience and improvement throughout the tournament.

A Hard-Fought Victory

The match took an unexpected turn when Argentina‘s Nicolás Sánchez had a chance to equalize the score with a last-minute penalty. However, Sánchez missed the kick, allowing England to escape the threat of extra time. This victory not only provided England with a satisfying end to their World Cup campaign but also eased the fatigue of the players, who had been preparing for this competition since June.

England‘s win was not without its challenges. There were moments where their limitations were exposed, particularly in their attacking game. However, Ben Earl and Theo Dan’s tries, along with the accurate kicking of Owen Farrell, contributed to their success. Furthermore, the outstanding performance of Sam Underhill, who made 24 tackles, showcased the relentless determination of the team.

Perspective on Third Place

The significance of the “bronze final” fixture is often debated. While it may not carry the same weight as the final itself, it serves as a reminder that both England and Argentina fell short of the elite status achieved by the finalists. Throughout the tournament, England struggled to find their offensive rhythm, and certain players, like Henry Arundell, faced challenging outings.

Yet, despite these obstacles, finishing in third place exceeded expectations for England. Steve Borthwick, who only took on the role of head coach ten months ago, has consistently reminded everyone that the team was written off after a poor warm-up campaign. The fact that they pushed the formidable South African side close in the semi-finals demonstrates their progress.

Notably, this match marked the final appearance for long-time servant Ben Youngs, England‘s most capped men’s player. Borthwick, displaying a rare sentimental side, granted Youngs his 127th and last England appearance. It was a fitting tribute to a player who has contributed so much to the national team.

Lessons for the Future

While the victory is undoubtedly cause for celebration, there are lessons to be learned from this tournament for the future of English rugby. The selection of the back-three, including Marcus Smith at full-back and Freddie Steward on the wing, raised eyebrows but did not deliver the desired results. Additionally, concerns were raised about the lack of involvement of Henry Arundell, who had minimal impact on the game.

It is essential for England to reflect on these areas of improvement as they look ahead to future tournaments. As the team moves forward, they must address their offensive struggles and continue to develop their young talents to ensure a stronger performance in the next World Cup.

Editorial: The Significance of the Bronze Final

The Rugby World Cup Bronze Final often stands in the shadow of the highly anticipated final match. However, it serves an important purpose in reminding us of the gap between the elite teams that reach the final and those that fall short. In the case of England and Argentina, their battle for third place demonstrated that they still have work to do to reach the level of the finalists.

For England, finishing in third place is an accomplishment worth recognizing. Despite the limitations highlighted in their game, their progress since the beginning of the tournament is undeniable. The team has exceeded expectations and proved their ability to compete against the best in the world.

Looking ahead, this victory should be seen as a stepping stone towards future success. England must address their offensive struggles and make the necessary adjustments to build a stronger squad. The young talents showcased in this tournament, such as Ben Earl and Theo Dan, should be nurtured and given opportunities to further develop their skills.

The disappointment of missing out on the final should serve as motivation for England to continue their improvement. They have shown that they have the potential to compete at the highest level, and with the right adjustments and investment in their talent pool, they can emerge as a leading force in international rugby.

Advice for England

As England reflects on their performance in the Rugby World Cup and looks ahead to future tournaments, there are several areas they should focus on:

  1. Offensive Development: England‘s struggles in the attacking game were evident throughout the tournament. They must work on developing a more fluid and dynamic attacking style to become a more potent threat.
  2. Youth Development: The emergence of young talents like Ben Earl and Theo Dan showcases the potential for a bright future for English rugby. It is crucial to invest in the development of these players and provide them with opportunities to gain experience at the international level.
  3. Strategic Adjustments: The selection of players in key positions, such as the back-three, requires careful consideration. England must assess the effectiveness of their strategies and make adjustments to maximize their chances of success.

Overall, England should be proud of their third-place finish and use it as a launching pad for future success. With a commitment to improvement and a focus on addressing their shortcomings, they have the potential to become a dominant force in world rugby.


Victorious Earl and Dan propel England to triumph over Argentina in the bronze final
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