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"Voice to Parliament: Noel Pearson Shuts Down No Case Claims as Vote Looms"

“Voice to Parliament: Noel Pearson Shuts Down No Case Claims as Vote Looms”

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No Campaign’s Race Claims Dishonest: Pearson

September 27, 2023 – 5:52pm

In a fiery address to the National Press Club in Canberra, Cape York leader Noel Pearson strongly criticized opponents of the Voice to Parliament referendum for allegedly dishonestly conflating race and Indigenous status in order to undermine the referendum. Pearson argued that a “Yes” vote is the best chance to address the urgent issue of rheumatic heart disease deaths in Indigenous communities. He refuted the claim that the referendum would divide Australians along racial lines, emphasizing that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians are part of the same race as non-Indigenous people. Pearson stressed that the Voice to Parliament is not about race but about recognizing the historical and cultural significance of the Indigenous peoples as the original owners of Australia.

The Importance of the Voice to Parliament

Rheumatic heart disease, a condition resulting in permanent damage to the heart muscles or valves due to rheumatic fever, is a significant health concern in Indigenous communities. Though Indigenous Australians make up only about 3% of the population, they account for about 87% of rheumatic heart disease deaths. Pearson criticized politicians for not raising awareness about this issue and argued that a Voice to Parliament would provide better advice to decision-makers and address this pressing problem more effectively.

Pearson appealed to the compassion and sense of justice of Australians, urging them to vote “Yes” for the Voice to Parliament. He emphasized that this referendum is not just an abstract political matter but a chance to save lives. Indigenous communities have suffered and deserve recognition, support, and resources necessary to address their unique challenges.

Dispelling Misconceptions

Pearson called out opponents of the Voice to Parliament for perpetuating misconceptions about the Indigenous population. He urged Australians to see Indigenous people as human beings who should not be feared or despised but embraced as fellow citizens with a right to be heard and represented. Pearson argued that recognizing the historical and cultural significance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders is not about creating inequality but about acknowledging the truth and providing a fair platform for their voices to be heard and respected.

Voting Process and Public Opinion

Voting has already begun in some remote Indigenous communities, while general early voting is set to commence nationwide next week. Although public opinion polls suggest that the Voice to Parliament may face defeat, supporters of the “Yes” campaign continue to rally and mobilize, hoping to overturn these projections.

Appeal for Support

Tania Major, a Kokoberra woman and former Young Australian of the Year who grew up in Kowanyama, called upon voters to support the Voice to Parliament in order to address the pressing needs of her community in Far North Queensland. She emphasized that Indigenous lives matter and expressed concern about the lack of attention and resources provided to Indigenous communities.

Denise Bowden, the chief executive of the Yothu Yindi Foundation, welcomed Noel Pearson’s advocacy for the Voice to Parliament, highlighting the successful model of the traditional Dilak Council in north-east Arnhem Land. This council, comprised of senior cultural leaders from 13 clan groups, has been making decisions on health, housing, education, and economic development for the Yolngu people. Bowden argued that change is necessary on the ground and that the Voice to Parliament offers a way to achieve it.


The Voice to Parliament referendum has entered its final weeks, with passionate arguments from both sides. As Australians prepare to cast their votes, it is essential to consider the impact of this decision on Indigenous communities and their longstanding struggle for recognition, representation, and support. Voting “Yes” for the Voice to Parliament is not just a political choice but an opportunity for unity, justice, and progress in addressing the urgent needs of Indigenous Australians.


"Voice to Parliament: Noel Pearson Shuts Down No Case Claims as Vote Looms"
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