"Why are you whinging, mate? You can't give up until you kick that goal..."wordpress,whinging,motivation,goalsetting
"Why are you whinging, mate? You can't give up until you kick that goal..."

“Why are you whinging, mate? You can’t give up until you kick that goal…”

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The Power of Determination: Marco Jansen’s Inspiring Chat with Heinrich Klaasen


In a recent match between South Africa and England at the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, a heartwarming and inspiring incident took place that reminded us of the power of determination and camaraderie in sports. Marco Jansen, a young South African cricketer, revealed his conversation with his teammate Heinrich Klaasen, who was physically struggling during the game. As Jansen walked out to join Klaasen, he motivated him, saying, “Why are you complaining? You can’t walk off until you score your hundred.” This simple but powerful statement ignited a fire within Klaasen and propelled him to achieve a remarkable milestone.

A Throwback to Cricket Lore

This incident brings to mind the famous Chennai Test of 1987, where Dean Jones overcame physical difficulties and went on to score a double century after his captain, Allan Border, challenged him not to give up. These instances remind us of the unwavering determination and mental strength required to excel in any sport. They also highlight the crucial role teammates play in supporting each other and pushing them beyond their limits.

Determination: A Key Ingredient for Success

The conversation between Jansen and Klaasen demonstrates the vital role of determination in achieving extraordinary feats. It is often said that success is 10% talent and 90% hard work and perseverance. In the world of sports, this is especially true. Talent alone is not enough to sustain and excel at the highest level. It is the relentless drive and unwavering belief in one’s abilities that separate the champions from the rest.

The Philosophy of Determination

The philosophy of determination is deeply rooted in the Australian sporting culture. Australians have long admired and celebrated athletes who display grit, determination, and a never-give-up attitude. The nation’s sporting heroes like Sir Donald Bradman, Cathy Freeman, and Shane Warne embody these values and have become legends in their respective sports. Their stories of triumph over adversity have inspired countless Australians and continue to resonate in our collective consciousness.

The Importance of Support and Camaraderie

Jansen’s chat with Klaasen also highlights the significance of support and camaraderie in sports. In a highly competitive environment, teammates play a crucial role in uplifting each other and fostering a sense of togetherness. The bond between teammates can provide the necessary motivation and encouragement to overcome challenges and achieve greatness. Jansen’s words of encouragement acted as a catalyst for Klaasen, reminding him of his capabilities and pushing him to surpass his physical limitations.

Editorial: Applying Determination in Life

The incident on the cricket field serves as a reminder that determination is not limited to sports. The same principles can be applied to different areas of life, whether it’s pursuing a career, facing personal challenges, or working towards a goal. The power of determination lies in its ability to push us beyond our limits, to help us overcome obstacles, and to keep us focused on our objectives.

Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Life is filled with ups and downs, and it is during the tough times that determination becomes even more critical. When faced with setbacks and adversity, it is our determination that keeps us going, that gives us the strength to rise again. As Australians, we have a rich history of resilience and facing challenges head-on. In these uncertain times, the message of determination is more important than ever.

Setting Goals and Breaking Barriers

Determination is closely tied to goal-setting. When we set ambitious goals for ourselves, it is our determination that propels us forward and helps us overcome obstacles along the way. Whether it’s a personal goal, a professional aspiration, or a societal challenge, determination is the fuel that drives us to push boundaries and make progress.


The story of Marco Jansen’s chat with Heinrich Klaasen is a powerful reminder of the strength of the human spirit and the potential for greatness that lies within each of us. It serves as a testament to the power of determination, the importance of support and camaraderie, and the significance of setting goals and persevering in the face of challenges. As Australians, we should embrace the philosophy of determination in all aspects of our lives, drawing inspiration from sporting heroes and applying their principles to overcome obstacles and achieve our own personal victories. May the conversation between Jansen and Klaasen serve as a lasting inspiration to us all.


"Why are you whinging, mate? You can
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