Young star Doedee joins the Lions while Gresham chooses the Bombers: AFL's latest transfer newsafl,transfernews,youngstar,Doedee,Lions,Gresham,Bombers
Young star Doedee joins the Lions while Gresham chooses the Bombers: AFL's latest transfer news

Young star Doedee joins the Lions while Gresham chooses the Bombers: AFL’s latest transfer news

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AFL 2023: Doedee Joins the Lions, Gresham to Declare for the Bombers

Adelaide defender Tom Doedee chooses Brisbane Lions over Collingwood

Adelaide defender Tom Doedee has made the decision to join the Brisbane Lions as a free agent, rejecting an approach from Collingwood. Doedee, who is currently recovering from a right knee reconstruction, has chosen the Lions as his preferred trade destination. This move comes after a long pursuit by the Lions and a late-season approach by Collingwood.

Doedee, originally from Geelong, has played 82 games for Adelaide over six years and has proven himself as an excellent intercept marking defender. His decision to leave Adelaide and join the Lions adds strength to Brisbane’s defensive line and further enhances their chances of success in the upcoming season.

Gresham likely to declare for the Bombers, uncertainty over contract terms

St Kilda free agent Jade Gresham is expected to express his desire to move to Essendon when free agency opens. However, there are concerns and uncertainties surrounding the contract terms that Essendon will offer Gresham. Essendon is looking to take advantage of a rule on free agency compensation, hoping to offer Gresham a contract larger than usual in order to obtain a first-round draft pick as compensation for St Kilda.

Essendon’s strategy involves trading the compensation pick to St Kilda for Dylan Shiel. This would result in Essendon securing Gresham and an extra first-round draft pick, while St Kilda would receive Shiel for Gresham. However, there are doubts from both clubs about the viability of this strategy. St Kilda sees it as a favorable deal for Essendon but questions the value it brings to them. The likelihood is that St Kilda will negotiate a separate deal for Shiel, while retaining the compensation pick they receive for Gresham.

Examining the AFL‘s free agency and compensation rules

This situation raises broader questions about the AFL‘s free agency and compensation rules. Under these rules, a player does not have to be contracted on the terms stipulated in the free agency offer. The club and player can agree on lower terms, but the terms put forward during the free agency nomination are the ones that count towards the club’s salary cap.

While clubs are trying to creatively utilize these rules to their advantage, there is a need to reconsider the fairness and effectiveness of the current system. The ability for clubs to manipulate the rules and potentially gain additional draft picks through trades undermines the integrity of the game. The AFL should review these rules and ensure transparency and fairness in player movements and compensation.

Other notable trade developments

In addition to the Doedee and Gresham trade situations, there are several other noteworthy trade developments in the AFL. Carlton’s Paddy Dow is expected to make a decision on his future early next week, with both the Swans and St Kilda expressing interest. Dow had an improved season with Carlton in 2023 and is a sought-after player for clubs looking to bolster their midfield depth.

Zac Fisher from Carlton has also requested a trade to North Melbourne, along with Sydney’s Dylan Stephens. Gold Coast’s Elihah Hollands has been asked to explore his trade options, with Carlton being a potential destination where his brother Ollie Hollands played this season. Mabior Chol is yet to decide his next move, with Adelaide, North Melbourne, and Hawthorn showing interest in the contracted Suns’ player.

Furthermore, there have been rumblings about Port Adelaide midfielder Xavier Duursma potentially being open to a return to Victoria. While Port Adelaide has stated that he is a required player, they may entertain trade offers as they look to acquire players such as Esava Ratugolea, Jordon Sweet, and Brandon Zerk-Thatcher.

Editorial: Revisiting AFL‘s Free Agency Rules

The recent developments in AFL trades highlight the potential flaws in the league’s free agency and compensation rules. While the rules were implemented with the intention of providing players with more freedom and flexibility in choosing their destinations, it has resulted in an environment where clubs can manipulate the system to gain additional draft picks.

The ability for clubs to offer inflated contracts to secure better compensation picks seems to go against the spirit of fair play and equal opportunities for all clubs. It creates an uneven playing field and undermines the integrity of the draft system. The AFL should consider revisiting these rules and implementing changes that promote fairness and transparency.

One possible solution could be to bar clubs from trading compensation picks they receive in free agency. This would prevent clubs from exploiting the system and ensure that compensation picks are used solely to compensate the loss of players. Additionally, the AFL should consider adjusting the formula used to determine compensation, taking into account factors such as a player’s age, contract length, and impact on the field.

Overall, it is imperative that the AFL takes a thorough look at its free agency and compensation rules and makes necessary adjustments to ensure a level playing field for all clubs involved in the trade period.

Advice: Prioritizing Fairness and Transparency

As the AFL trade period progresses, it is crucial for clubs, players, and the league itself to prioritize fairness and transparency. The AFL should work towards creating a trade environment where clubs have equal opportunities and players have the freedom to choose their destination without undue manipulation of contract terms.

For clubs, it is important to engage in fair and respectful negotiations, considering the welfare and preferences of the players involved. Clubs should avoid exploiting loopholes in the rules and focus on building sustainable and competitive teams through honest and transparent trades.

Similarly, players should prioritize their own happiness and career development while also considering the impact of their decisions on their current and future clubs. It is essential for players to communicate openly and honestly with their clubs and ensure that their trade requests are made with mutual respect and understanding.

Ultimately, achieving a fair and transparent trade period requires the collective effort of clubs, players, and the AFL. By prioritizing fairness, transparency, and the integrity of the game, the AFL can ensure that the trade period serves as a platform for clubs to strengthen their teams and players to find opportunities for growth and success.


Young star Doedee joins the Lions while Gresham chooses the Bombers: AFL
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