AFL Legend's Sensational Revelation Following International Escapeafl,legend,sensationalrevelation,internationalescape
AFL Legend's Sensational Revelation Following International Escape

AFL Legend’s Sensational Revelation Following International Escape

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St Kilda Legend Nick Riewoldt Reveals Plans for His Family and Career

St Kilda great Nick Riewoldt, who has been based in America for the past year, has recently hinted at the next move for his career and family. The 41-year-old Riewoldt made headlines when he decided to relocate to Texas, where his wife Catherine’s family is from, leaving behind a blossoming television career in Australia. However, it seems that he may soon be returning home to Australia, according to a recent interview with SEN Radio.

A Career Transition and a Bidding War

After retiring from an illustrious 17-year career with the St Kilda Saints, Riewoldt seamlessly transitioned into a successful media personality, becoming a mainstay on Foxtel’s footy and entertainment coverage. He had been in high demand and was the subject of a bidding war between Fox Footy and Channel 7 for his services before his departure to the United States. However, Riewoldt’s time in America has seen him take on a different professional path, working in business development in the tech industry.

Return to Australia

Riewoldt’s recent announcement of plans to return to Australia has undoubtedly piqued the interest of TV executives. However, the exact nature of his return and his future career move remain uncertain. Riewoldt stated, “That will play out over the next few months, what we decide to do.” It appears that a decision will need to be made, considering Riewoldt’s desire to be back in his home country.

A Year in America

Despite the distance, Riewoldt has managed to stay relevant in the AFL world during his time in America. He returned to TV screens shortly after his move when he accepted a surprise invitation from ESPN to join its Superbowl coverage in Arizona. His interviews with Aussie NFL players and his experience on the SportsCenter panel drew mixed responses but showed Riewoldt’s continued passion for the game.

Riewoldt was also invited to attend the AFL Hall of Fame ceremony in June, where he was set to be formally inducted in 2024. However, he decided not to make the trip back to Australia for the event.

A Controversial Spat

Riewoldt made headlines once again in July when he engaged in a public disagreement with former St Kilda coach Brett Ratten. Riewoldt criticized the standards at the club under Ratten’s leadership, while Ratten accused Riewoldt of only attending the club for free physio.

A Family’s Transition

While Riewoldt may be ready to return to Australia, he acknowledges that he may need to convince the rest of his family. He admits, “They’ve laid it on pretty thick, they’ve laid it on very, very thick.” However, he also highlights the positive experiences his family has had in America, particularly his children’s involvement in baseball. Riewoldt’s sons have become avid fans of the Houston Astros and have even played the sport themselves.

Missing Footy

Riewoldt has thoroughly enjoyed his time in the business world but admits to missing footy. He shares, “(It’s been) really great personally as well to be able to live and experience a real-life MBA, being involved in business and removed from footy for the first time since I was 17… I missed the footy season this year. It was a bizarre experience, not being just totally immersed in it for the first time since I was 17.”

Overall, Riewoldt’s next career move and his family’s decision to return to Australia will undoubtedly be a topic of interest for AFL fans and TV executives alike. As the St Kilda legend navigates this next chapter of his life, it remains to be seen what the future holds for one of the game’s greatest players.


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