2022 Supercars Season Kick-Off: Bathurst Gets the Green Flag2022SupercarsSeason,Bathurst,GreenFlag
2022 Supercars Season Kick-Off: Bathurst Gets the Green Flag

2022 Supercars Season Kick-Off: Bathurst Gets the Green Flag

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Green light for Bathurst to open Supercars season


The 2024 Supercars Championship is set to kick off with a bang at Mount Panorama, as part of a “festival of motorsport” that will span over back-to-back weekends. This exciting development comes as a result of the collapse of the Newcastle 500, which was entangled in political red tape. However, despite the cancellation of the Newcastle event, an agreement between Supercars and the New South Wales Government ensured that the opening round of the championship will still be hosted in the state. The Bathurst Regional Council has played a crucial role in making this happen. This marks the second time in four years that Supercars will begin its season at Bathurst, affirming the circuit’s status as an iconic venue within the championship.

The Festival of Motorsport

Details of the festival are yet to be finalized, but it is anticipated that the mid-week days will be filled with various post-12 Hour manufacturer drive events and Supercars season launch activities. By piggy-backing off the Supercars-run Bathurst 12 Hour, the festival ensures that Mount Panorama does not exceed the maximum number of five events permitted annually at the circuit. This innovative approach not only ensures the continuity of Supercars racing at Bathurst but also contributes to the already vibrant motorsport culture in the region. It provides an opportunity for motorsport enthusiasts to indulge in a two-week extravaganza of racing and entertainment.

Expansion of the Supercars Calendar

While the confirmation of the Bathurst festival is expected in the near future, it remains uncertain when Supercars will release the full calendar for the 2024 season. The number of events is also a point of deliberation, with a decision yet to be made regarding whether the schedule will remain at the 2023 level of 12 events or be expanded to 13. This decision will have implications for the teams, drivers, and fans, as an expanded calendar will provide more opportunities for competition and entertainment. Negotiations are also underway between Supercars and the owner of The Bend (Shell V-Power Motorsport Park) in South Australia, which will ultimately determine whether the Sydney Motorsport Park round takes place before or after a mid-season break to avoid clashes with the Olympics.

Editorial: The Significance of Bathurst

The inclusion of Bathurst as the season opener showcases the immense significance of this historic circuit in Australian motorsport. Mount Panorama is undoubtedly one of the most iconic tracks in the world, with its challenging layout and rich racing history. The presence of Supercars at Bathurst not only attracts domestic fans but also captures the attention of motorsport enthusiasts globally. The Mount Panorama circuit has witnessed legendary battles and moments that are etched in the memory of fans and drivers alike. By beginning the season at Bathurst, Supercars pays homage to the spirit of Australian motorsport and reaffirms the circuit’s status as the crown jewel in the championship’s calendar.

Advice to Supercars: Maintaining Tradition and Exploring New Venues

As Supercars navigates the future of their calendar and evaluates the number of events, it is imperative to strike a balance between maintaining tradition and exploring new venues. While iconic circuits like Bathurst, Sydney Motorsport Park, and Adelaide continue to be crowd favorites, it is also important to consider opportunities to introduce new tracks and engage with different regions of Australia and New Zealand. These new venues can not only create excitement amongst fans but also bring economic benefits to local communities. However, it is essential to maintain a connection to the sport’s roots and preserve the historic circuits that have been integral to the growth of Supercars.

In conclusion, the confirmation of Bathurst as the opening round for the 2024 Supercars Championship marks a significant moment for both the championship and Australian motorsport. The festival of motorsport and the inclusion of back-to-back weekends at Mount Panorama add an extra layer of excitement to the start of the season. As Supercars moves forward, it is important to strike a balance between tradition and innovation, ensuring that iconic circuits like Bathurst remain at the forefront, while also exploring opportunities for growth and engagement with new venues. This delicate equilibrium will ensure the continued success and popularity of the Supercars Championship in Australia and beyond.


2022 Supercars Season Kick-Off: Bathurst Gets the Green Flag
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