Breaking Down the Release Time of 1989: Taylors Versionwordpress,releasetime,1989,Taylor'sVersion
Breaking Down the Release Time of 1989: Taylors Version

Breaking Down the Release Time of 1989: Taylors Version

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Taylor Swift, the musical sensation, is set to drop another re-recording of one of her iconic albums. After months of touring and breaking records, Taylor Swift is ready to release her fourth re-recorded album, titled “1989 Taylor’s Version.” The original “1989” album, released in 2014, was a massive pop hit. While it received mixed reviews from music critics, it remains one of the favored albums among diehard Swifties.

Release Time

The eagerly awaited release time for “1989 Taylor’s Version” is scheduled for 12 a.m. Eastern Time on October 27. This marks eight years since the debut of the original album. For fans in other time zones, the release time is as follows:

Pacific Time (PT)

9:00 PM on October 26

Mountain Time (MT)

10:00 PM on October 26

Central Time (CT)

11:00 PM on October 26

Eastern Time (ET)

12:00 AM on October 27

London Time

5:00 AM on October 27

Singapore Time

12:00 PM on October 27

Tokyo Time

1:00 PM on October 27

The release of “1989 Taylor’s Version” is a global event, with the album dropping simultaneously worldwide on various streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Music.


The album consists of 22 tracks, including 16 re-recorded songs from the original album, five newly released tracks from the “From the Vault” collection, and one exclusive song found only on Target’s Tangerine Edition of the “1989 Taylor’s Version” vinyl. The tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Welcome to New

Breaking Down the Release Time of 1989: Taylors Version
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