"Carlton Captain Sam Docherty Pays Tribute as Liam Jones and Adam Plowman Retire from AFL"sports,AFL,Carlton,Captain,SamDocherty,LiamJones,AdamPlowman,retirement
"Carlton Captain Sam Docherty Pays Tribute as Liam Jones and Adam Plowman Retire from AFL"

“Carlton Captain Sam Docherty Pays Tribute as Liam Jones and Adam Plowman Retire from AFL”

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Lachie Plowman Retires: A Farewell to a Dedicated Defender

End of an AFL Career

Carlton defender Lachie Plowman has officially announced his retirement from the Australian Football League (AFL), drawing the curtain on a remarkable career that spanned 11 seasons and 145 games. Plowman, who had a standout performance in the under-18 TAC Cup for the Calder Cannons, was selected by the Greater Western Sydney Giants at pick No.3 in the 2012 draft. After three seasons with the Giants, he made the move to Carlton at the end of 2015. During his time with the Blues, he donned the No.20 locker and made 125 appearances in their colors.

A Breakthrough Season

In 2019, Plowman had a breakout season with Carlton, playing every game and finishing third in the team’s best and fairest count. It was a testament to his dedication and hard work throughout his career.

Gratitude and Reflection

Upon his retirement, Plowman expressed his gratitude towards the club, coaches, teammates, and his family for their support. He described his time at Carlton as the best environment to come to work every day, with both the challenging moments and the moments of success shaping his overall experience.

He also highlighted the joy of sharing his career with his loved ones, emphasizing the importance of their presence and support along the way. This sentiment speaks to the notion of sport as a communal experience, with the bonds formed within a team extending beyond the confines of the playing field.

The Team-First Player

Plowman’s contribution to the Carlton Football Club extended beyond his on-field performances. He was highly regarded by his teammates and coaching staff for his selfless attitude and unwavering commitment to the team’s success. Often tasked with defending against the opposition’s most dangerous small forward, Plowman approached his role with reliability and trust.

These qualities earned him the respect and admiration of his teammates, who valued his energy and dedication to the club. Former AFL Senior Coach Michael Voss paid tribute to Plowman, acknowledging his exceptional service over more than a decade. Voss also highlighted Plowman’s amiable personality, noting that it was difficult to find a more thoughtful person in the AFL.

Farewell and What Lies Ahead

As Lachie Plowman bids farewell to the Carlton Football Club, he leaves with the best wishes and gratitude from all involved. His contributions to the Navy Blue jersey and the team-first mindset will be remembered fondly.

Looking ahead, it remains to be seen what lies in store for Plowman after his retirement from the game. While some footballers choose to pursue coaching or media careers, others may explore different fields of interest. Whatever path Plowman decides to take, his dedication and commitment to his craft during his AFL career will certainly serve as a solid foundation for future endeavors.

As the AFL community says farewell to another talented player, it is a reminder of the temporary nature of sporting careers. The retirement of athletes serves as a catalyst for reflection on the meaning of these pursuits and the legacy they leave behind. It is an opportunity to appreciate the commitment and sacrifices made by players like Lachie Plowman and to celebrate the impact they have had on the game.


"Carlton Captain Sam Docherty Pays Tribute as Liam Jones and Adam Plowman Retire from AFL"
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