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"Collingwood Controversy: Fan Outrage Over GF 'Disgrace' - A Reality Check"

“Collingwood Controversy: Fan Outrage Over GF ‘Disgrace’ – A Reality Check”

AFL Grand Final Ticketing Controversy Sparks Outrage Among Collingwood Fans

September 24th, 2023

The upcoming AFL Grand Final has fans buzzing with anticipation, but for some Collingwood supporters, their excitement has turned to frustration. Despite being high-paying members, they have been left in the dark about their seating arrangements for the big game. This has sparked outrage among fans, leading to a wave of criticism on social media and calls for answers from the Australian Football League (AFL) and ticketing provider Ticketek.

Ticketek’s Ballot System Under Fire

Collingwood fans took to social media to express their displeasure at the Grand Final ticketing situation. One Priority 1 member shared their frustrations, stating that they had registered for the ballot and received notifications confirming their successful registration. However, when the results were announced, they discovered they had not been allocated a seat, despite being guaranteed one as a priority member.

Other fans also voiced their concerns about the ticketing system, emphasizing that it had failed multiple times in the past. They questioned the loyalty of the club and raised doubts about the fairness of the process.

Ticketek, on the other hand, released a statement asserting that their system “ran as planned” and in accordance with instructions from the AFL, Collingwood Football Club, and the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). They assured Collingwood members that the ballot results would be published the following day. However, this response did little to appease the disgruntled fans.

Repeated Controversies Surrounding Ticketek

This recent ticketing controversy adds to Ticketek’s already tarnished reputation. In June, chaos erupted during the pre-sale event for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, with fans waiting for hours to access the tickets. Ticketek revealed that their system randomly selects fans from the ticket lounge, meaning the time of arrival does not affect the chances of securing tickets.

This revelation further fueled fans’ frustration, as they realized that the perceived fairness of the process was nothing more than an illusion. Many felt deceived and questioned Ticketek’s credibility.

Editorial: A Reality Check for Collingwood Fans

The AFL Grand Final ticketing controversy serves as a reminder to Collingwood fans that even guarantees can be subject to unforeseen circumstances and errors. While it is understandable to feel frustrated and disappointed, it is essential to take a step back and consider the bigger picture.

Sporting events, especially those as significant as the Grand Final, are highly complex operations with numerous logistical challenges. Mistakes can happen, and it is unfortunate when loyal fans are impacted. However, it is crucial to maintain perspective and acknowledge that these issues are often isolated incidents.

Additionally, it is important to remember that being a loyal supporter goes beyond attending a single event. Supporting a team means sticking by them through thick and thin, celebrating victories, and standing by them during challenging times. The spirit of loyalty should not be solely dependent on the outcome of a single match or access to a specific seat.

Collingwood and the Fan-Club Relationship

The outrage expressed by Collingwood fans is a testament to the deep connection between supporters and their clubs. Fans invest not only their money but also their emotions into the team, creating a bond that transcends the boundaries of a simple transaction. It is this passion, however, that can amplify disappointment when expectations are not met.

Collingwood Football Club should take this opportunity to communicate openly with their fanbase. Acknowledging the frustrations, addressing the issue with Ticketek, and reassuring fans that steps will be taken to prevent similar incidents in the future can help rebuild confidence and maintain the strong supporter-club relationship that Collingwood prides itself on.

Advice for Collingwood and AFL

As the AFL and its clubs continue to grow and evolve, it is imperative that they prioritize the fan experience. Ensuring that ticketing processes are fair, transparent, and reliable should be a top concern. Collaborating with ticketing providers to address any shortcomings and embracing technological advancements can go a long way in improving the overall fan experience.

Furthermore, cultivating a culture of open communication and accountability between clubs and fans is crucial. The AFL, along with its clubs, should actively engage with supporters, encourage feedback, and provide timely and transparent updates on issues like ticketing.

Collingwood, being one of the AFL’s most storied and successful clubs, has a responsibility to lead by example. By setting high standards of fan engagement and actively working to improve the supporter experience, they can inspire other clubs to do the same, ultimately enhancing the overall game-day experience for all fans.


The AFL Grand Final ticketing debacle has undoubtedly left Collingwood fans disappointed, frustrated, and questioning their loyalty. While it is important to address the concerns raised and hold ticketing providers accountable, it is equally crucial for fans to maintain perspective and recognize that errors can occur in large-scale events.

Ultimately, the enduring bond between fans and their clubs should transcend the outcome of a single match or access to a specific seat. Collingwood and the AFL should seize this opportunity to reevaluate their ticketing processes, foster open communication with supporters, and strive to deliver a fan experience that reflects the passion and devotion fans bring to the game.


"Collingwood Controversy: Fan Outrage Over GF
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