The Art of Happiness: Dawn French Unveils the Keys to Joyhappiness,art,DawnFrench,joy,keystojoy
The Art of Happiness: Dawn French Unveils the Keys to Joy

The Art of Happiness: Dawn French Unveils the Keys to Joy

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Dawn French reveals the secret to her happiness

By Natasha Clark | 3 hours ago

Dawn French, the beloved British comedian, has spoken out against the unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated by social media. In a revealing interview with 60 Minutes, French expressed her disbelief that women, in particular, have come so far only to be burdened with the pressure of presenting a perfect image through filtered selfies.

“I can’t believe that we, especially women, have come this far to hand our daughters a life where they have to do selfies and be filtered to try to look perfect,” she says.

French emphasizes the importance of authenticity and being imperfect in order to find happiness. She dismisses the notion of striving for perfection and claims membership in the anti-perfection league.

During her conversation with Tara Brown, French explains how her worldview is colored by authenticity and the joy she finds in simple things. “I find joy in lots of tiny things. I’m the sort of person who doesn’t need to be swimming with dolphins, I find happiness in the simple things,” she says.

Overcoming tragedy and embracing self-value

French’s positive outlook has been shaped by her ability to overcome personal tragedy in her early adult life. At the age of 18, she lost her father to suicide. Despite the trauma of this experience, French remains forever grateful for the love her father showed her and the self-value he instilled in her from a young age.

“Now that I look back on it as an adult, I think he needed to give me some armor, he told me that I should value myself and that I deserved the very best,” she says.

This early guidance from her father allowed French, even as a “little chubby girl,” to grow up without the insecurities that often plague young women. French credits her father with never doubting her worth.

Understanding the complexity of depression

French’s father’s struggle with mental illness also gave her a deeper understanding of the complexities associated with depression. While her father managed to hide his depression most of the time, French recalls moments where he simply couldn’t cope. However, he would eventually bounce back, showcasing his resilience.

Reflecting on her own mental health, French expresses gratitude that she has not experienced the same degree of emotional turmoil as her father. She acknowledges that she has faced sadness but believes she has too much to live for to sink to the depths of depression.

A love for life in the English countryside

These days, French’s life is filled with joy. She resides in a charming village in the English countryside with her second husband, therapist Mark Bignell. French expresses her gratitude for being surrounded by love and for having the opportunity to reciprocate that love to others.

Next month, French will be bringing her one-woman show, “Dawn French is a Twat,” to Australia.

Watch the full episode of 60 Minutes on 9Now.

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The Art of Happiness: Dawn French Unveils the Keys to Joy
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