"Controversial appointment: Margaret Gardner named as Victoria's royal representative by Republicans"Victoria,MargaretGardner,royalrepresentative,Republicans,controversy
"Controversial appointment: Margaret Gardner named as Victoria's royal representative by Republicans"

“Controversial appointment: Margaret Gardner named as Victoria’s royal representative by Republicans”

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Victoria‘s new Governor Margaret Gardner is a Republican

The new Governor of Victoria, Prof. Margaret Gardner, is a self-professed Republican and has been appointed to the position by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews. Gardner has been the Vice-Chancellor of Monash University since 2014 and will become the state’s 30th governor when Linda Dessau’s term ends on 30 June.

Andrews recommended Gardner’s appointment to the king of England, and his recommendation was accepted. However, Andrews has admitted that he did not inform the King that Gardner is a Republican. Gardner’s appointment sparked a debate about the compatibility of her Republican views with her new role.

The Role of the Governor

During her acceptance speech, Gardner recognised Australia’s constitutional monarchy, but also acknowledged that she was personally a Republican. She said that she understood that the role of the governor had evolved, and that the governor is not bound by the advice or veto of the King. According to Gardner, the role’s understanding would continue to change in the future.

Andrews justified his appointment of Gardner by emphasising the importance of choosing the right person for the job at this time. Australia’s Republic Movement co-chair Craig Foster welcomed Gardner’s appointment, stating that it makes perfect sense as the majority of Australians support the full and final independence of their country, including the abolition of the monarchy.

Philosophical Discussion: Monarchy Vs Republic

The appointment of Prof. Margaret Gardner as the Governor of Victoria has sparked a debate over the future of Australia as a constitutional monarchy or a republic. Gardner’s appointment substantiates the view that the current relationship between Australia and the Crown may have run its course, and Australia may be on the path towards becoming a republic.

The difference between a constitutional monarchy and a republic lies in the role of the monarch or head of state. In a constitutional monarchy, like Australia, the monarch is the head of state and is above politics. In a republic, the president is the head of state and represents the people.

Proponents of a republic system argue that it is important to have an Australian as head of state, and that the prime minister or other elected officials should be democratically accountable for their actions. On the other hand, supporters of the monarchy argue that the system helps maintain tradition and continuity and provides a stabilising factor in politics.

Editorial and Advice

The appointment of a self-professed Republican as Governor of Victoria has raised concerns about the compatibility of her personal views with the role of a representative of the monarch. As the debate over Australia’s future as a republic or a constitutional monarchy continues, it is essential to consider the impact of such appointments.

While Gardner’s appointment does not represent an immediate threat to the monarchy, the debate around it highlights the need to assess Australia’s relationship with the Crown and determine whether it continues to serve the nation’s best interests.

Australia’s future political and social direction is a matter that requires careful consideration, deep thought and respectful discourse. Australians need to engage in an open and honest discussion about the future of their country and what they want it to be. Ultimately, it is up to the people of Australia to determine their country’s future, and their voices should be heard.


"Controversial appointment: Margaret Gardner named as Victoria
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