Corruption Unveiled: Australian Federal Police Crackdown on Alleged Money Laundering by...corruption,AustralianFederalPolice,crackdown,moneylaundering,alleged,unveiled
Corruption Unveiled: Australian Federal Police Crackdown on Alleged Money Laundering by...

Corruption Unveiled: Australian Federal Police Crackdown on Alleged Money Laundering by…

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Australian Federal Police Raids Target Alleged Money Laundering by Changjiang Currency Exchange


The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has conducted raids on an alleged money-laundering syndicate, targeting Changjiang Currency Exchange. The investigation, which lasted 14 months, resulted in the arrest of seven individuals and the seizure of $50 million worth of luxury cars and property. The AFP claims that the syndicate operated “in plain sight,” using 12 retail outlets across Australia to launder approximately $230 million over the past three years.

Gang’s Modus Operandi

The AFP alleges that the gang, called the Long River money-laundering syndicate, provided assistance to criminals in creating fake documents to conceal the origin of their money. Additionally, they charged higher fees to these criminals compared to legitimate customers. The gang reportedly coached criminals on how to successfully launder money, including providing guidance on creating false invoices and bank statements.

Shady Deals and High-Life Living

According to Assistant Commissioner Stephen Dametto of the AFP, the syndicate’s members lived extravagant lifestyles, indulging in the finest dining experiences, purchasing luxury vehicles, and residing in multimillion-dollar homes. They also allegedly purchased fake passports in preparation for fleeing the country if their criminal activities were exposed.

Complexity of the Investigation

The investigation into the Long River syndicate was particularly unique and complex. Unlike traditional money-laundering organizations that operate in the shadows, the syndicate used Changjiang Currency Exchange to hide its illegal behavior. The storefronts appeared legitimate, making it difficult for law enforcement to distinguish between genuine customers and criminals using the service.

Larger Implications and Regulatory Measures

Changjiang Currency Exchange’s alleged illicit activities highlight the challenges faced by remittance businesses in combating money laundering and terrorism financing. Remittance businesses play a vital role in the community but are also vulnerable to criminal exploitation. AUSTRAC, Australia’s anti-money laundering agency, has collaborated with the AFP on this investigation and may impose penalties on the company. It is crucial for remittance businesses to fully understand and comply with their anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing obligations to ensure the integrity of financial systems.

AFP’s Powers and Responsibilities

The AFP’s role in investigating and cracking down on organized crime, corruption, and illicit financial activities is of utmost importance. The recent raids conducted on the Changjiang Currency Exchange syndicate demonstrate the AFP’s commitment to identifying and dismantling criminal networks operating within Australian borders. Assistant Commissioner Dametto’s “gut feeling” about Changjiang’s suspicious activities during the COVID-19 lockdowns led to a thorough investigation that uncovered significant criminal operations.


The AFP raids targeting the alleged money laundering syndicate operated by Changjiang Currency Exchange have shed light on the challenges faced by law enforcement in curbing organized crime and illicit financial activities. The complexities of this investigation and the syndicate’s ability to operate openly, albeit under the guise of a legitimate business, demonstrate the importance of ongoing vigilance and regulatory measures to combat money laundering and protect the integrity of financial systems. The successful outcome of this investigation and the arrest of key individuals involved serve as a reminder that law enforcement agencies such as the AFP are instrumental in maintaining the stability and security of Australia’s financial landscape.


Corruption Unveiled: Australian Federal Police Crackdown on Alleged Money Laundering by...
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