New Title: "Survival Ascended: The Revamped Journey of Ark: Survival Evolved" arksurvivalevolved,survivalgames,survivalascended,revampedjourney
New Title: "Survival Ascended: The Revamped Journey of Ark: Survival Evolved"

New Title: “Survival Ascended: The Revamped Journey of Ark: Survival Evolved”

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Ark: Survival Evolved Is Getting A Remake, Survival Ascended

By George Foster

Published 5 hours ago

Ark: Survival Ascended, a remake of the popular game Ark: Survival Evolved, has been announced for Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. This news comes as a surprise to fans who were eagerly anticipating the release of the sequel to Ark: Survival Evolved, which is set to star Vin Diesel. While details about the sequel have been scarce, it seems that the developers have decided to treat players to a remake in the meantime.

The announcement was made at the Xbox Partner Preview event, where a trailer for Ark: Survival Ascended was revealed. The trailer showcased familiar elements from the original game, such as waking up on a beach, encountering dinosaurs, and interacting with other survivors. However, the graphics have been significantly improved in this remake, thanks to the use of next-gen technology and support for cross-platform modding with Unreal Engine 5.

The remake also brings several significant changes to the gameplay. The user interface has undergone a “huge overhaul” to improve functionality and visual appeal. The third-person camera for players and creatures has been upgraded, and a new, highly detailed map system has been implemented, allowing players to mark points of interest. Additionally, creature pathfinding has been enhanced to reduce instances of running into walls.

In addition to these gameplay changes, Ark: Survival Ascended will feature all the DLC and maps from the original game, all remade for the new release. The remake will also introduce 11 brand-new creatures and new story content, ensuring that players have plenty of fresh experiences to look forward to.

It is unclear whether Ark: Survival Ascended will be exclusive to Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, as no other platforms have been confirmed at this time. However, considering the broad availability of the original Ark: Survival Evolved, it is likely that the remake will eventually be available on other platforms as well.

Overall, the announcement of Ark: Survival Ascended is exciting news for fans of the original game. While they may have to wait a little longer for the highly anticipated sequel, the opportunity to experience a revamped journey through Ark: Survival Evolved should provide plenty of enjoyment. With improved graphics, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and additional content, this remake is sure to captivate both new and returning players alike.


New Title: "Survival Ascended: The Revamped Journey of Ark: Survival Evolved"
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