"Disney's 'Goosebumps' Review - Unleashing the Bone-Chilling Magic of the Beloved Books"goosebumps,disney,review,bone-chilling,magic,belovedbooks
"Disney's 'Goosebumps' Review - Unleashing the Bone-Chilling Magic of the Beloved Books"

“Disney’s ‘Goosebumps’ Review – Unleashing the Bone-Chilling Magic of the Beloved Books”

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Goosebumps Review: Disney‘s Missed Opportunity

Disney+ recently released its adaptation of RL Stine’s famous “Goosebumps” series, and the reception has been mixed at best. While the source material has proved to be a resilient and beloved franchise over the years, Disney‘s execution of the series launch has left much to be desired. Only two out of the promised five episodes were made available on the premiere day, further exacerbated by the fact that the first two episodes were missing entirely. This glaring oversight has understandably angered many fans of the Goosebumps series. However, despite these initial setbacks, there is still hope for the adaptation to find its footing.

The Resilience of Goosebumps

RL Stine’s Goosebumps series has been incredibly successful across various forms of media, from TV shows to movies, and even games and musicals. Each adaptation has brought its own unique tone, ranging from fantastically scary to dangerously close to parody. Despite these differences, all iterations have managed to capture the essence of Goosebumps and resonate with audiences. This newest series aims to emulate the success of “Stranger Things,” featuring a group of schoolkids who band together to investigate the mysterious events unfolding around them.

A Departure from Nostalgia

However, unlike “Stranger Things,” Goosebumps on Disney+ is set in the present day, devoid of nostalgic irony. The absence of cute kids also sets it apart as a more traditional high school show, albeit one where the characters inexplicably look much older than their roles would suggest. This age discrepancy poses some confusion in distinguishing the characters, especially when a 45-year-old actor portrays a teacher who appears much younger. The homage to “Stranger Things” is also evident in the pacing of the episodes, with slower scenes that delve into the characters’ emotions and relationships, reminiscent of classic soap operas. While these elements may not resonate with all viewers, there are moments of tremendous potential within the series.

The Essence of Goosebumps

When Goosebumps embraces the core essence of RL Stine’s books, it truly shines. The two available episodes exhibit moments of bone-chilling delight and giddy fun. One episode features a character experiencing multiple versions of themselves after hitting their head on a cuckoo clock, a classic Goosebumps scenario filled with eerie clones. Another episode revolves around a thrillseeker who gains supernatural abilities after consuming worms, culminating in a brilliantly designed character that pays homage to Bong Joon-ho’s “The Host.” These moments perfectly capture the essence of Stine’s books, striking the balance between being scary enough to thrill younger audiences without feeling condescending.

The Cast and Promise

The cast of Goosebumps is well-chosen, with Justin Long delivering a standout performance. Despite his youthful appearance, Long skillfully portrays a character who oscillates between goofy and menacing, hitting the right tone effortlessly. This version of Goosebumps certainly shows promise, but its success rests heavily on Disney‘s future decisions.

Disney‘s Missteps and Future Outlook

While Goosebumps has the potential to flourish under Disney‘s guidance, the streaming giant must resist the temptation to oversaturate the franchise with unnecessary spin-offs. Additionally, Disney needs to address its failure to upload episodes in the correct order, as this careless oversight is simply unforgivable. It is essential for Disney to learn from these mistakes and ensure a more organized and consistent rollout of future episodes.


In conclusion, Disney‘s adaptation of Goosebumps on Disney+ falls short of expectations, primarily due to the mishandling of the series launch and the evident departure from nostalgia. However, within these missteps, there are glimpses of the bone-chilling magic that made the Goosebumps books so beloved. The hope remains that Disney will course-correct and fully capitalize on the potential of this iconic franchise.


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