"Troye Sivan: A Reflective Journey of Mutual Inspiration"troyesivan,reflectivejourney,mutualinspiration
"Troye Sivan: A Reflective Journey of Mutual Inspiration"

“Troye Sivan: A Reflective Journey of Mutual Inspiration”

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Troye Sivan: Something to Give Each Other Review

Elegance and care… Troye Sivan’s distinctive pop album

Australian pop star Troye Sivan has made a triumphant return with his latest album, “Something to Give Each Other.” This album stands out as one of the year’s most distinctive and captivating pop albums, showcasing Sivan’s growth as an artist and his ability to deliver both orgiastic, high-octane revelry and poetic introspection.

A Reflection of Sivan’s Journey

Sivan rose to fame as a teenager through his YouTube channel and made his mark in the music industry with his debut album, “Blue Neighbourhood,” in 2015. With his solid production and poetic nuances, Sivan showcased his talent for crafting unique pop songs. However, his following album, “Bloom,” failed to capture the same magic. Despite good lyrics and notable metaphors for gay sex, Sivan’s voice struggled to carry the weight of the songs.

A Return to Form

Now, five years later and after a serious breakup, Sivan has released “Something to Give Each Other,” which serves as a reminder of his strengths as an artist. The album embraces subtlety and leans into Sivan’s charismatic singing style, which often feels like a conversation. From ruefully assessing his chances with a straight man in “One of Your Girls” to pulling his lofty falsetto back down to earth in “Silly,” Sivan’s unconventional approach to pop music is magnetic and sounds wonderful in headphones.

Intimacy and Detail

The album opens with the curveball track “Rush,” which sets the tone for a collection of songs that allow Sivan more space to move. While there are still high tempos throughout, the tracks in “Something to Give Each Other” come with elegance, care, and a kind of mindfulness. The production, helmed by Ian Kirkpatrick, incorporates intimate details and hidden surprises, reminiscent of Finneas’s work with Billie Eilish and the recent trend of bedroom-pop.

Surrounded by Sex and Romance

Sivan’s personal life is clearly reflected in his music, as he navigates the realms of sex and romance with a sense of ease and liberation. Despite entering post-pandemic life as Melbourne’s most eligible bachelor, Sivan takes everything as it comes, luxuriating in the present moment rather than fretting about the future. Even when singing about a long-distance relationship on the captivating track “What’s the Time Where You Are,” Sivan remains breezy and energized by the possibilities.

The Lingering Wounds

Amidst the exuberance, there are a couple of standout songs where old wounds linger. The drum-free organ ballad, “Still Got It,” perfectly captures the strangeness of encountering a former intimate partner and expresses the desire to rekindle the connection. The inclusion of scrambled electronic vocals adds an additional layer of poetic production that highlights the difficulty of truly communicating with an ex. Similarly, “Can’t Go Back, Baby,” featuring a sampled vocal by alt US songwriter Jessica Pratt, gracefully acknowledges the impossibility of returning to what once was.

Influences and Stakes

While “Something to Give Each Other” showcases Sivan’s growth and talent, there are moments where his influences become a little too apparent. The chorus of “One of Your Girls” bears a striking resemblance to Kavinsky’s “Nightcall” from the Drive soundtrack, and “Got Me Started” doesn’t offer much innovation with its use of a famous sample from Bag Raiders. Some pop fans may find the stakes a little low overall, especially as the pace calms after the opening track.

A Captivating and Distinctive Pop Album

Despite these minor criticisms, “Something to Give Each Other” remains one of the year’s best and most distinctive pop albums. Sivan adeptly keeps pace with the evolving genre while infusing each song with elegance and care. This album deserves the time and attention of music enthusiasts, as it offers a reflective journey through Sivan’s experiences and serves as a testament to his growth as an artist.


"Troye Sivan: A Reflective Journey of Mutual Inspiration"
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