End of an Era: Qantas Loyalty Chief Olivia Wirth Steps Down in Februaryqantas,loyalty,chief,oliviawirth,stepsdown,endofanera
End of an Era: Qantas Loyalty Chief Olivia Wirth Steps Down in February

End of an Era: Qantas Loyalty Chief Olivia Wirth Steps Down in February

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Qantas Loyalty boss Olivia Wirth Resigns, Leaving in February


The head of Qantasloyalty division, Olivia Wirth, has announced her resignation from the company, with her departure set for February. Qantas announced this news shortly after retailer Myer revealed that Wirth had been nominated to join its board of directors. Wirth has been with Qantas for 14 years, serving as the chief executive of Qantas Loyalty since 2018. During her tenure, she has contributed significantly to the company’s success, particularly during the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contributions and Legacy

Qantas chief Vanessa Hudson acknowledged Wirth’s enormous contributions to the loyalty division, especially during the pandemic, where Loyalty was one of the few parts of the business that remained operational. Wirth’s leadership and hard work allowed the loyalty program to continue to thrive during these challenging times. Wirth, in turn, expressed her gratitude for the opportunities she had at Qantas, stating that she is proud of what the Loyalty team has achieved and looks forward to delivering more improvements for members before her departure.

During her career at Qantas, Wirth had replaced Jayne Hrdlicka as the head of the loyalty business. Hrdlicka had left Qantas to become the chief executive of the A2 Milk Company before moving on to become the CEO of Virgin. Wirth’s public appearances alongside Qantas CEO Alan Joyce, including during the grounding of Qantas‘ fleet in 2011, have showcased her role within the company and her dedication to its success.

Editorial and Analysis

Olivia Wirth’s resignation and departure from Qantas Loyalty marks the end of an era for the company. Over her 14-year tenure, Wirth demonstrated strong leadership skills and a deep understanding of customer loyalty programs. Under her guidance, Qantas Loyalty has successfully positioned itself as a leader in the industry, consistently delivering value to its members.

Wirth’s departure comes shortly after the announcement of her nomination to join Myer’s board of directors. If successfully elected, she would be joining the retailer at a critical time as it focuses on growing its customer loyalty business. This move highlights Wirth’s expertise and the recognition she has garnered in the loyalty industry.

It is worth noting that Wirth was considered one of the key candidates to replace Alan Joyce as Qantas‘ CEO, a position that ultimately went to Vanessa Hudson. While this may have been a disappointment for Wirth, it is clear that her contributions to Qantas Loyalty have not gone unnoticed. Her departure presents an opportunity for a new leader to take the reins and continue building on the success she has achieved.

Advice and Recommendations

With Olivia Wirth’s departure from Qantas Loyalty, it is crucial for the company to ensure a smooth transition and maintain its commitment to delivering value to its members. The new leadership will need to continue focusing on enhancing the loyalty program’s offerings and exploring innovative ways to engage and reward customers. Additionally, Qantas should consider developing a clear succession plan to ensure that talented individuals are identified and prepared for leadership roles within the company.

As for Olivia Wirth, her nomination to join Myer’s board presents a new opportunity to make an impact in the retail sector. With her extensive experience in loyalty programs, Wirth brings a unique perspective that could contribute to Myer’s growth strategies. It will be interesting to see how she leverages her expertise and drives customer loyalty initiatives within the retail space.

In conclusion, Olivia Wirth’s resignation from Qantas Loyalty marks the end of a successful chapter for her at the company. Her contributions have been significant, ensuring that the loyalty program remained robust and valuable during challenging times. While her departure may be seen as a loss for Qantas, it presents an opportunity for new leadership to build upon her achievements and continue delivering exceptional value to Qantas‘ loyal customers.


End of an Era: Qantas Loyalty Chief Olivia Wirth Steps Down in February
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