"Exploring Nawaz Sharif's Kashmir Agenda: Unpacking the Motives Behind His Recent Speech"wordpress,NawazSharif,Kashmir,agenda,motives,speech
"Exploring Nawaz Sharif's Kashmir Agenda: Unpacking the Motives Behind His Recent Speech"

“Exploring Nawaz Sharif’s Kashmir Agenda: Unpacking the Motives Behind His Recent Speech”

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Why did Nawaz Sharif rake up Kashmir issue in his speech after return to Pakistan?

Nawaz Sharif’s homecoming rally

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif recently made a grand return to Pakistan, marked by a mega rally in Lahore’s Minar-e-Pakistan. During this rally, he addressed his party workers and raised the Kashmir issue. This move has sparked curiosity and questions about his motives and agenda.

Nawaz Sharif’s history with India

Nawaz Sharif had previously made attempts to reach out to India during his tenure as Prime Minister. In 1999, he made an outreach during ex-PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s Lahore bus trip, and in 2015, he welcomed PM Narendra Modi to Pakistan. However, both initiatives were scuttled by the de facto ruler, the Pakistan Army. The Lahore bus initiative was disrupted by the Kargil war, and the second initiative was overshadowed by a terror attack on Pathankot airbase.

Need for permission from the Pakistan Army

While Nawaz Sharif has expressed his desire to reach out to India, it is important to note that he needs permission from the Pakistan Army before making any new initiatives with India. The Pakistan Army plays a significant role in the country’s politics and foreign affairs decisions. Therefore, any major decision related to India or the Kashmir issue would require their approval.

Does Pakistan Army want to make Nawaz Sharif the PM again?

Pakistan Army’s discomfort with Nawaz Sharif

The Pakistan Army is not comfortable with the idea of Nawaz Sharif becoming the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. This is because Sharif’s return to power would strengthen his party, the Pakistan Muslim League (N), and add to their vote bank. However, despite their discomfort, the Army and Sharif share a common agenda of keeping Imran Khan, the chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), permanently locked up. They want to ensure that Khan, who is currently in jail, does not come back to power.

What do Palestine and PoK flags at Lahore rally mean?

Nawaz Sharif’s statement on initiating dialogue with India on Kashmir

During the rally in Minar-e-Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif stated that he intends to initiate dialogue with India on the Kashmir issue. However, it is important to highlight that India is not interested in any dialogue on Kashmir except regarding cross-border terrorism. After the abrogation of Article 370 and Article 35A, there is no further scope for discussion with Islamabad on the Kashmir issue. Currently, peace prevails in the Kashmir Valley, and the region is thriving with tourism. There is no inclination in Kashmir to seek relief or resolution from Pakistan.

Delusional claims and domestic political outreach

Nawaz Sharif’s statement about resolving the Kashmir issue can be seen as a delusional claim as there is no real issue to be resolved. It is crucial to recognize that neither Nawaz Sharif nor the civilian leadership of Pakistan holds significant power. The Pakistan Army is the true power center and is uninterested in curbing cross-border terrorism in Kashmir. It should be understood that Sharif’s outreach is primarily aimed at his domestic audience, similar to the tactics used by his predecessors.

In conclusion, Nawaz Sharif’s recent speech and raising of the Kashmir issue during his homecoming rally in Lahore raise questions about his motives and the agenda behind his statements. While he expresses a desire to reach out to India, the permission of the Pakistan Army is necessary for any meaningful initiatives. Additionally, his remarks on the Kashmir issue lack substance, and it is evident that the true power lies in the hands of the Pakistan Army.


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