"Legal Battle Down Under: Lisa Wilkinson Takes on Ten Over Defamation Fees"legalbattle,LisaWilkinson,Ten,defamation,fees
"Legal Battle Down Under: Lisa Wilkinson Takes on Ten Over Defamation Fees"

“Legal Battle Down Under: Lisa Wilkinson Takes on Ten Over Defamation Fees”

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Lisa Wilkinson sues Network Ten for Bruce Lehrmann defamation costs


Television personality Lisa Wilkinson has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Network Ten, claiming that the broadcaster has refused to pay her legal fees after being sued by Bruce Lehrmann. Lehrmann, a former Liberal staffer, accused Wilkinson and Ten of defamation in relation to an interview on The Project where they discussed rape allegations made by Brittany Higgins against Lehrmann. Wilkinson, who opted for separate legal representation in the defamation proceedings, contends that Ten is liable to pay her legal expenses as she is an employee of the company.

The Lawsuit

In court documents, Wilkinson states that her legal costs up to May 30 this year amounted to approximately $353,000, with an additional $370,000 incurred from that date until September 20. According to Wilkinson, Ten initially claimed it was not responsible for indemnifying her legal costs due to her separate counsel. However, after seeking advice from prominent barrister Bret Walker SC, Ten allegedly changed its position and stated that it would only pay Wilkinson’s costs after the conclusion of the lawsuit. Wilkinson argues that Ten has still not paid any amount in respect of the legal expenses described in her invoices.

Ten‘s Response

Network Ten responded to Wilkinson’s claims by stating that her legal team has requested a significant amount of money, exceeding $700,000, and that proper justification for these costs must be provided. Ten‘s focus remains on defending the defamation claim brought by Lehrmann.

Editorial and Analysis

This lawsuit between Lisa Wilkinson and Network Ten raises important questions about the responsibilities and liabilities of broadcasters in cases of defamation. While it is understandable that Ten would seek justification for the legal expenses incurred by Wilkinson, it is essential that due process is followed and that any legitimate costs are reimbursed in a timely manner. It is crucial that the legal system continues to protect individuals against unwarranted defamation claims while ensuring that genuine victims are not deterred from seeking justice.

This case also highlights the complexity of defamation cases involving public figures. Lisa Wilkinson, as a prominent television personality, has a reputation to protect, and defamation allegations can have long-lasting consequences. Network Ten, as the broadcaster, also has a responsibility to ensure that the content it airs is accurate and does not damage the reputation of individuals.


For Lisa Wilkinson, it is crucial to continue engaging the services of experienced legal professionals who can advocate for her rights and seek a fair resolution to this dispute. Additionally, it may be helpful for Wilkinson and her legal team to engage in open communication with Network Ten to address any concerns or discrepancies regarding the legal expenses. Negotiations and mediation could offer a more efficient and cost-effective approach to resolving these issues.

As for broadcasters like Network Ten, it is essential to have clear protocols in place to handle defamation allegations and legal expenses incurred by their employees. Clear communication with employees, proper legal advice, and responsible reporting can help prevent costly legal battles and safeguard the reputation of both the broadcaster and its employees.

In conclusion, the outcome of this lawsuit between Lisa Wilkinson and Network Ten will likely have implications for the defamation landscape in Australia and the responsibilities of broadcasters. It is crucial that the legal system ensures a fair and transparent process for resolving disputes while upholding the principles of free speech and protecting individual reputations.


"Legal Battle Down Under: Lisa Wilkinson Takes on Ten Over Defamation Fees"
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