Farewell to Albert E: Liberty Media Corporation Bids Adieu to a Key Figure in the Industryfarewell,AlbertE,LibertyMediaCorporation,bidsadieu,keyfigure,industry
Farewell to Albert E: Liberty Media Corporation Bids Adieu to a Key Figure in the Industry

Farewell to Albert E: Liberty Media Corporation Bids Adieu to a Key Figure in the Industry

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Albert E. Rosenthaler Set to Retire from Liberty Media Corporation

End of an Era

After more than two decades of dedicated service, Albert E. Rosenthaler, Chief Corporate Development Officer of Liberty Media Corporation, has announced his retirement. Effective January 1, 2024, Rosenthaler will step down from his role but will continue to support the company as a Senior Advisor. This significant transition marks the end of an era for Liberty Media.

A Stellar Career

Albert Rosenthaler’s retirement brings to a close a remarkable career that spanned over 20 years within Liberty Media. Joining in 2002, Rosenthaler quickly established himself as a top tax officer for the company and its predecessors. In 2016, he assumed the role of Chief Corporate Development Officer, where his knowledge and expertise brought immense value to Liberty Media and its shareholders. Rosenthaler’s contributions, partnership, and dedication have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the company.

Continued Involvement as a Senior Advisor

Despite his retirement, Rosenthaler will remain connected to the Liberty family of companies and its portfolio companies. In his capacity as a Senior Advisor, he will continue to offer his guidance and expertise. This ongoing involvement reflects the recognition of Rosenthaler’s immense value to Liberty Media and ensures a seamless transition for the company.

Liberty Media’s Acknowledgment

Greg Maffei, President and CEO of Liberty Media, expressed gratitude for Rosenthaler’s contributions. Maffei thanked Rosenthaler for his material contributions, partnership, and dedication to the company. He highlighted the significant value that Rosenthaler’s knowledge and expertise have delivered for shareholders. Maffei’s acknowledgment on behalf of John Malone and the entire Liberty team reflects the high regard in which Rosenthaler is held.

Liberty Media’s Future

While Liberty Media bids farewell to a key figure in its corporate development, the company is well-prepared to navigate the future. Liberty’s corporate development and tax functions will be overseen by executives within the company in collaboration with Rosenthaler in his new role as a Senior Advisor. This strategy ensures continuity and maintains the high standards of expertise and professionalism that have defined Liberty Media.

About Liberty Media Corporation

Media, Communications, Sports, and Entertainment

Liberty Media Corporation is a prominent operator and owner of various media, communications, sports, and entertainment businesses. The company’s diverse interests are attributed to three tracking stock groups: the Liberty SiriusXM Group, the Formula One Group, and the Liberty Live Group.

Liberty SiriusXM Group

The Liberty SiriusXM Group encompasses Liberty Media’s interest in SiriusXM, a leading satellite radio provider. This lucrative investment contributes to Liberty’s presence in the media and communications industry.

Formula One Group

Liberty Media’s subsidiary, Formula 1, along with other minority investments, falls under the Formula One Group. This segment focuses on the exciting world of Formula 1 racing, showcasing Liberty Media’s commitment to the sports market.

Liberty Live Group

The Liberty Live Group comprises Liberty Media’s interest in Live Nation, a renowned entertainment company, and other minority investments. This segment demonstrates Liberty Media’s dedication to providing live entertainment experiences.

Looking Ahead

As Liberty Media moves forward without Albert E. Rosenthaler at the helm of corporate development, the company will undoubtedly face new challenges and opportunities. However, with experienced executives and Rosenthaler’s continued involvement as a Senior Advisor, Liberty Media is well-positioned to continue its success in the ever-evolving media, communications, sports, and entertainment industries.

In bidding farewell to Rosenthaler, Liberty Media extends its best wishes for a fulfilling retirement, expressing gratitude for his contributions, and acknowledging the lasting impact he has made on the company.


Farewell to Albert E: Liberty Media Corporation Bids Adieu to a Key Figure in the Industry
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