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Beyond the Shadows: Unraveling the Enigmatic Tale of Alan Wake 2

Beyond the Shadows: Unraveling the Enigmatic Tale of Alan Wake 2

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A confidently strange horror thriller: Alan Wake 2

Ambitious but muddled origins

Inspired by Twin Peaks, The Twilight Zone, and Stephen King, the original Alan Wake game, released in 2010, told the story of an author plagued by writer’s block. The game struggled to overcome the inherent silliness of its premise, resulting in a muddled psychological thriller. However, its sequel, Alan Wake 2, confidently embraces the ridiculousness and takes a more assured approach to storytelling.

A blend of detective procedural and narrative weirdness

Developed by Remedy Entertainment, the Finnish studio splits the story of Alan Wake 2 between two protagonists, offering different perspectives and genres within the game. The result is a thrilling and entertaining blend of detective procedural and surrealist survival horror, supported by strong characterisation and inventive imagery.

The perspective of Saga Anderson

At first, the narrative perspective in Alan Wake 2 belongs to FBI agent Saga Anderson, a young black woman with Swedish heritage. Saga arrives in the Pacific north-west town of Bright Falls to investigate a series of ritualistic murders. Her presence provides a logical and grounded contrast to Alan’s more frantic mindset when events take a supernatural turn.

Saga’s characterisation goes beyond her role as an investigator. She has a “Mind Place,” which serves as a traversable menu screen. Here, Saga keeps track of cases on an interactive murder wall and delves into the minds of suspects and witnesses at a Profiling table. These features contribute to the game’s narrative and assist in untangling the complex story.

The perspective of Alan Wake

Alan, the titular character, takes the stage in Alan Wake 2 when Saga’s investigation brings her into contact with him. Alan’s scenes predominantly occur in the Dark Place, a twisted alternate dimension shaped by his memories of New York. In this dimension, governed by illogical loops and rituals, Alan wields a lamp that can absorb and redistribute light, allowing him to alter the environment around him.

As the game progresses, the stories of Saga and Alan become entwined, with Alan’s changes in the Dark Place bleeding into the real world and affecting Saga’s investigation. This parallel storytelling adds depth to the overall narrative and keeps players engaged in unravelling the mysteries of Bright Falls.

Metafictional hokum and combat disappointments

Alan Wake 2 excels in selling its metafictional elements, seamlessly integrating live-action cutscenes and self-referential throwbacks to Remedy Entertainment’s previous games. However, the game falls short in its combat mechanics. While the combat system is solid, it lacks the spectacular flair seen in previous Remedy titles like Max Payne and Control. The use of light to weaken enemies, a trademark mechanic from the first game, feels underdeveloped in the sequel.

Additionally, combat encounters in Alan Wake 2 are sparse and rarely offer a substantial challenge. This lack of depth in gameplay prevents the game from reaching its full potential. Despite this drawback, the narrative charms and intriguing storytelling make Alan Wake 2 a thrilling and spooky ride that explores the strange in an enjoyable manner.


Alan Wake 2, released on October 27, 2023, is a confidently strange horror thriller that successfully blends detective procedural elements with narrative weirdness. The game’s split perspective between Saga Anderson and Alan Wake brings contrasting tones and perspectives, creating a captivating storytelling experience. While the combat mechanics disappoint, the game’s narrative charms and inventive imagery make it an enjoyable and thrilling experience overall.

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Beyond the Shadows: Unraveling the Enigmatic Tale of Alan Wake 2
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