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From Rivalry to Inspiration: How a Hawks Legend Ignited the Magpies' Grand Final Triumph

From Rivalry to Inspiration: How a Hawks Legend Ignited the Magpies’ Grand Final Triumph

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Inspiration from the past

Two hours before the AFL Grand Final, Collingwood star Nick Daicos found himself in the team’s changerooms, searching for inspiration on YouTube. Daicos, known for watching old games and highlights as part of his pre-game routine, turned to a four-time Hawthorn premiership star and Norm Smith medallist, Cyril Rioli, for motivation.

Daicos explained, “It was some Cyril Rioli highlights this morning. I play far from Cyril, he’s an absolute superstar but I love what he used to do on the big stage so I tried to take anything from what he did, whether it was pressure or whatever. He got me up and about.”

Watching Rioli’s highlights on YouTube, Daicos received a boost of confidence and inspiration, setting the stage for his standout performance in the Grand Final.

A dazzling performance

Nick Daicos not only kicked the first goal of the Grand Final but also delivered a game-high 29 disposals, showcasing his skill and impact on the field. His performance included a crucial moment in the last quarter when he executed a remarkable handball to teammate Jordan De Goey, resulting in a match-winning goal.

Reflecting on the game-changing play, Daicos said, “When he kicked that goal I’ve never heard anything like that roar.”

Daicos’ performance and contribution throughout the see-sawing game will undoubtedly go down as one of the all-time great Grand Final displays.

Responding to adversity

Despite missing a tackle earlier in the game that led to an opposition goal, Daicos demonstrated resilience and determination. He quickly shifted his mindset from frustration to focusing on how he could make a positive impact on the next play.

Jorday De Goey’s subsequent goal proved to be pivotal, and Daicos acknowledged the team’s ability to respond to challenges and maintain composure under pressure.

“Our boys were unbelievable at possessing the ball late and staying calm in a Grand Final,” Daicos said.

The Magpiestriumph was a testament to their collective effort and ability to rise above adversity.

The significance of the win

For Nick Daicos, winning the Grand Final and becoming a premiership player was a dream come true. The 20-year-old prodigy, already considered one of the game’s best players, expressed his elation and gratitude for the experience.

“No words describe running around the MCG with a premiership medal and the crowd going crazy. I’m lost for words,” Daicos said.

Daicos’ journey to this moment has not been without challenges. Suffering a knee injury earlier in the season, he faced uncertainty about his future and worked tirelessly to make a successful comeback. His dedication and determination have now been rewarded.

Looking ahead

While celebrating the Grand Final victory, Nick Daicos also recognizes that this is just the beginning of his career. With ambitions of winning multiple premierships, he remains driven and focused.

Daicos said, “There’s no complacency. It’s an addictive feeling, and I’m sure I’ll let this sink in for a long time. When we get back to pre-season, we’ll be aiming to do it again.”

His hunger for success and commitment to continuous improvement bodes well for his future and the prospects of the Collingwood Magpies.


Nick Daicos’ performance in the AFL Grand Final showcased his talent, resilience, and ability to draw inspiration from past greats. His utilization of Cyril Rioli’s highlights as motivation highlights the impact and influence that sporting legends can have on the current generation.

The Magpies‘ victory was a culmination of teamwork, determination, and the ability to overcome setbacks. As Daicos looks towards the future, his drive to achieve further success will undoubtedly fuel his development as one of the game’s greatest talents.


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From Rivalry to Inspiration: How a Hawks Legend Ignited the Magpies
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