If Both Shows Embrace Fresh Concepts, "Top Gear Australia" and "Aussie Shore" Promise to Propel Paramount into 2024wordpress,topgearaustralia,aussieshore,paramount,freshconcepts,2024
If Both Shows Embrace Fresh Concepts, "Top Gear Australia" and "Aussie Shore" Promise to Propel Paramount into 2024

If Both Shows Embrace Fresh Concepts, “Top Gear Australia” and “Aussie Shore” Promise to Propel Paramount into 2024

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‘Top Gear Australia’ and ‘Aussie Shore’ Heading to Paramount+

Paramount ANZ has announced its plans for 2024, aiming to bring big brands and big talent to its streaming platform. The company revealed that it will be reviving the popular show ‘Top Gear Australia’ and introducing a new reality series called ‘Aussie Shore’ to fill the entertainment gaps left by its linear competitors. These new additions, along with other shows and formats, will be a part of Paramount‘s ongoing efforts to provide diverse and engaging content for its subscribers.

The Revival of ‘Top Gear Australia’

‘Top Gear Australia’ will be returning to screens after nearly a decade since its cancellation by Nine. The new eight-part series, produced in collaboration with BBC Studios Australia and New Zealand, will feature familiar faces such as Mighty Car Mods co-creator Blair ‘Moog’ Joscelyne, Amazing Race Australia host Beau Ryan, and Survivor Australia’s Jonathan Lapaglia.

The show’s senior vice president for content and programming, Daniel Monaghan, has assured fans that the Australian version will have its own identity and international appeal, screening across various territories such as Latin America, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Korea, Japan, and Canada. Monaghan emphasized the global reach of the ‘Top Gear’ brand and the importance of creating a big alternative entertainment show for Paramount+

‘Aussie Shore’: an Australian Adaptation of ‘Jersey Shore’

Australian viewers can also look forward to the arrival of ‘Aussie Shore,’ an adaptation of the popular MTV reality series ‘Jersey Shore.’ The show will follow a group of housemates and document their partying escapades in a coastal setting. Monaghan explained that the success of other ‘Shore’ titles on Paramount+ indicated that the time was right to bring the concept to Australia. The show aims to serve a different audience than what Paramount+ currently offers with its drama, comedy, and reality lineup.

Paramount‘s Strategy

In addition to ‘Top Gear Australia’ and ‘Aussie Shore,’ Paramount+ has a range of other exciting content in the pipeline. Returning shows include the successful comedy series ‘The Inspired Unemployed (Impractical) Jokers’ and the thrilling drama ‘Last King of the Cross.’ There will also be new drama in the form of ‘Fake’ from Kindling Pictures, a previously announced adaptation of Stephanie Wood’s work.

Paramount ANZ also announced the introduction of a premium plan for Paramount+ starting from November 16. Subscribers to the premium plan will have access to Paramount‘s blockbusters, originals, and other programming in premium quality formats, including 4K UHD, HDR10, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos. Premium subscribers will also be able to stream on four concurrent devices, providing a more flexible viewing experience.

Speaking about their approach, Monaghan explained that Paramount+ aims to make the right shows for the right audience, focusing on quality over quantity. The company wants to ensure the biggest return possible and reach as many viewers as possible. They are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their linear competitors by offering unique and engaging programming.

Channel 10’s Revivals

Channel 10 is also jumping on the revival bandwagon with new versions of popular game shows and reality programs. ‘Deal or No Deal,’ hosted by Grant Denyer, will return to the network, airing weekdays at 6pm. The refreshed ‘Wheel of Fortune’ will be hosted by British talk show host Graham Norton, while ‘Ready Steady Cook’ will feature Living Room presenter Miguel Maestre.

Two of Channel 10’s flagship series, ‘Masterchef Australia’ and ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here,’ will undergo changes as well. ‘Masterchef Australia’ will welcome new judges Poh Ling Yeow, Sofia Levin, and Jean-Christophe Novelli, while wildlife warrior Robert Irwin will join Julia Morris as co-host for the 10th season of ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here.’

Diverse Reality Lineup

Channel 10 is also focusing on reality programming, with the previously announced reboot of ‘Gladiators,’ ‘Australian Survivor: Titans v Rebels,’ ‘Hunted Australia,’ ‘The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition,’ and ‘Dessert Masters.’ The network is committed to offering a diverse lineup of entertainment that sets it apart from its competitors.

Comedy Returns

Fans of comedy can look forward to new seasons of popular shows such as ‘Have You Been Paying Attention?,’ ‘The Cheap Seats,’ ‘Thank God You’re Here,’ ‘Gogglebox Australia,’ and ‘Taskmaster.’ Channel 10 aims to provide a wide range of programming choices to cater to different tastes and preferences.

In Conclusion

With the revival of ‘Top Gear Australia’ and the introduction of ‘Aussie Shore,’ Paramount+ is positioning itself as a leading streaming platform with big brands and big talent. The company aims to fill the entertainment gaps left by its linear competitors and attract a broad range of viewers with its diverse content lineup. Similarly, Channel 10’s focus on revivals, game shows, and reality programming is a strategic move to offer unique and engaging entertainment choices, setting it apart from its competitors in the ever-evolving media landscape.

From premium plans to new judges and hosts, both Paramount+ and Channel 10 are investing in their programming to provide a high-quality viewing experience for Australian audiences. As streaming platforms continue to grow and evolve, the competition for subscribers and unique content is fierce. It remains to be seen how successful these new shows and revivals will be, but with established brands and talented hosts, they have a good chance of capturing the attention of viewers across the country.

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If Both Shows Embrace Fresh Concepts, "Top Gear Australia" and "Aussie Shore" Promise to Propel Paramount into 2024
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