"Revving Up for the Future: Paramount Extends Deal with 'Top Gear Australia' and 'Aussie Shore' until 2024 - IF..."paramount,topgearaustralia,aussieshore,future,deal,2024
"Revving Up for the Future: Paramount Extends Deal with 'Top Gear Australia' and 'Aussie Shore' until 2024 - IF..."

“Revving Up for the Future: Paramount Extends Deal with ‘Top Gear Australia’ and ‘Aussie Shore’ until 2024 – IF…”

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‘Top Gear Australia’, ‘Aussie Shore’ Take Paramount into 2024

Paramount ANZ Investing in “Big Brands and Big Talent”

Paramount ANZ is set to make a splash in the streaming world in 2024 with the revival of “Top Gear Australia” and the introduction of the reality series “Aussie Shore.” The senior vice president for content and programming, Daniel Monaghan, shared that the company is banking on “big brands and big talent” to fill the entertainment gaps left by linear competitors. The decision to bring back “Top Gear Australia” comes nearly a decade after the previous iteration was cancelled by Nine. The new eight-part series will be produced in collaboration with BBC Studios Australia and New Zealand.

Australian Spin-off Goes International

Monaghan emphasized that the future of the original British version of “Top Gear” does not affect the Australian series, which will be “big and international in its own right.” He stated that the show will be screened across various international territories, including Latin America, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Korea, Japan, and Canada. This move reflects the global appeal and recognition of the “Top Gear” brand.

Paramount+ Expands MTV Reality Series with ‘Aussie Shore’

In addition to “Top Gear Australia,” Paramount ANZ will introduce “Aussie Shore,” an adaptation of the popular MTV reality series “Jersey Shore.” The franchise, known for showcasing the partying exploits of housemates in different coastal settings, has seen success with versions in England, Poland, Brazil, and Mexico. Monaghan explained that the performance of other “Shore” titles on Paramount+ indicated the right time to bring the concept to Australia. He highlighted that Paramount ANZ is the only platform where audiences can find MTV content, and bringing “Aussie Shore” to the streaming service will serve a different audience than their drama offerings.

Paramount+ Focuses on Quality over Quantity

Monaghan discussed Paramount ANZ’s approach towards content creation, emphasizing a qualitative strategy over quantity. He expressed that they are not aiming to produce a large number of local originals, but instead want to invest in shows that resonate with the right audience for the biggest return. Paramount+ will continue to focus on providing a different entertainment offering that sets them apart from their linear network competitors.

Channel 10’s Emphasis on Revivals and Fresh Formats

Channel 10 is also making waves in the Australian television landscape with the announcement of revivals and new formats. “Deal or No Deal,” “Wheel of Fortune,” and “Ready Steady Cook” are among the shows set to make a comeback. Grant Denyer will be hosting the revived “Deal or No Deal,” which will air on weekdays at 6pm. British talk show host Graham Norton is set to host the refreshed “Wheel of Fortune,” while Living Room presenter Miguel Maestre will take the reins of “Ready Steady Cook.”

“Masterchef Australia” and “I’m A Celebrity” Get a Refresh

Two of Channel 10’s flagship series, “Masterchef Australia” and “I’m A Celebrity . . . Get Me Out of Here,” are undergoing some changes. For its sixteenth season, “Masterchef Australia” will introduce new judges, including alumnus Poh Ling Yeow, food critic and journalist Sofia Levin, and multi-Michelin Star award-winning chef Jean-Christophe Novelli. Wildlife warrior Robert Irwin will step into Chris Brown’s shoes as the co-host of the tenth season of “I’m A Celebrity” alongside Julia Morris. These changes aim to bring fresh perspectives and keep the shows engaging for audiences.

Providing a Unique Entertainment Offering

Daniel Monaghan, speaking about Channel 10’s programming strategy, emphasized their goal of providing a point of difference in the market. Revivals like “Deal or No Deal” at 6pm and the introduction of new formats like “Gladiators” alongside major sporting events demonstrate their commitment to offering unique entertainment options that stand out from competitors on linear networks.


Paramount ANZ and Channel 10 are gearing up to provide Australian audiences with an array of exciting television offerings in 2024. Paramount ANZ’s focus on “big brands and big talent” is evident in the revival of “Top Gear Australia” and the introduction of “Aussie Shore.” These shows aim to captivate both local and international audiences, reflecting the global appeal of popular formats. Channel 10’s emphasis on revivals and fresh formats, such as the return of “Deal or No Deal” and new hosts for “Masterchef Australia” and “I’m A Celebrity,” showcases their commitment to providing an alternative entertainment offering.

As viewers, we can look forward to a diverse range of content that caters to various interests and preferences. Whether we are car enthusiasts, reality TV lovers, or fans of classic game shows, Paramount ANZ and Channel 10 aim to entertain and engage with their programming choices. It will be intriguing to see how these shows unfold and whether they successfully capture the attention of Australian audiences in the evolving landscape of streaming and traditional television.


"Revving Up for the Future: Paramount Extends Deal with
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