"KPMG CEO Honors Partner's Impact and Legacy"kpmg,ceo,honors,partner,impact,legacy
"KPMG CEO Honors Partner's Impact and Legacy"

“KPMG CEO Honors Partner’s Impact and Legacy”

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KPMG CEO Pays Tribute to Partner David Ibels: Reflecting on Loss and Legacy

By | Updated KPMG CEO pays tribute to partner | Oct 24, 2023 – 11.42am

KPMG chief executive Andrew Yates has paid tribute to partner David Ibels following his tragic passing. Ibels’s body was found by Queensland Police earlier this week, bringing an immense loss to his family, colleagues, and the Queensland community. As KPMG mourns the loss of a great partner and friend, it is important to reflect on the impact and legacy that individuals leave behind.

An Incredible Individual

Describing Ibels as an “incredible person,” Yates emphasized Ibels’s dedication to his work and the people around him. Ibels had been a partner at KPMG for 7½ years and had been with the firm for a total of 12 years, demonstrating his commitment to the organization and its values.

Yates’s heartfelt statement not only pays tribute to Ibels but also highlights the profound impact he had on the firm and the wider community. Ibels’s dedication to his clients and his colleagues made him highly respected and his loss will undoubtedly be felt by many.

A Hard Loss to Accept

The sudden and unexpected loss of a colleague and friend is always difficult to accept. In this time of grief and sorrow, it is important for KPMG to provide support to Ibels’s family and colleagues. The statement from Yates reflects the deep sadness and shock that the entire organization is experiencing.

These moments of tragedy remind us of the fragile nature of life and the importance of cherishing and nurturing the relationships we have with others. The sudden loss of a loved one serves as a stark reminder to value those around us and to make the most of every moment we have together.

A Legacy Lives On

While the loss of David Ibels is a devastating blow to KPMG and the community, it is important to remember the legacy he leaves behind. Ibels’s dedication, professionalism, and commitment to his clients have undoubtedly made a lasting impact.

As we reflect on the passing of a valued member of the professional services industry, it is a timely reminder to acknowledge the contributions of all those who work tirelessly to serve their clients and make a difference. Ibels’s legacy serves as an inspiration for the industry to continue striving for excellence and to value the relationships we form along the way.

Support and Mental Health Resources


For immediate support and crisis assistance, Lifeline provides a confidential telephone crisis support service available 24/7. Call 13 11 14 or visit lifeline.org.au for more information.


beyondblue is a national organization providing support services for anxiety, depression, and suicide prevention. For information and support, call 1300 22 4636 or visit beyondblue.org.au.

Editorial: Reflections on Loss and Supporting One Another

David Ibels’ sudden and tragic passing serves as a somber reminder to cherish the relationships we have, both personally and professionally. The loss of such a prominent figure in the professional services industry leaves a void that will not easily be filled.

In times like these, it is crucial that we come together as a community to offer support, compassion, and understanding. Mental health resources such as Lifeline and beyondblue are invaluable in providing assistance to those who may be struggling with grief or mental health concerns during this difficult time.

We must also reflect on the impact and legacy that individuals like David Ibels leave behind. Their contributions should not be forgotten, and we must strive to honor their memory by continuing to work towards excellence and fostering strong relationships within our professional environments.

Let us take this opportunity to reach out to our colleagues, friends, and loved ones, checking in on their well-being and offering support when needed. Together, we can navigate the challenges of grief and loss and emerge stronger as a community.


"KPMG CEO Honors Partner
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