"Lisa Wilkinson's Legal Battle: Network Ten Faces $370,000 Lawsuit"lisawilkinson,legalbattle,networkten,$370,000lawsuit
"Lisa Wilkinson's Legal Battle: Network Ten Faces $370,000 Lawsuit"

“Lisa Wilkinson’s Legal Battle: Network Ten Faces $370,000 Lawsuit”

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Lisa Wilkinson Suing Network Ten for $370,000 in Legal Bills for Bruce Lehrmann Defamation Case


Journalist Lisa Wilkinson is taking legal action against her former employer, Network Ten, to recover the legal costs incurred in fighting the defamation case brought against her and the network by Bruce Lehrmann. Wilkinson is seeking $370,000 to cover the expenses of her separate defense team. The case revolves around an interview conducted by Wilkinson in 2019 with former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins, who alleged she had been raped inside Parliament House by a colleague. Although Lehrmann was not expressly named in the interview, he claims to have been clearly identifiable to those familiar with both him and Higgins. Lehrmann, who was eventually tried for the alleged crime but had the trial abandoned due to juror misconduct, is now seeking damages for defamation from Wilkinson and Network Ten.

The Defamation Case

The defamation case against Wilkinson and Network Ten is set to be heard in the Federal Court in November. While Lehrmann has settled with other media outlets involved in the case, including News Life Media and journalist Samantha Maiden, he is continuing his pursuit of damages from Wilkinson and Network Ten. The case revolves around the question of whether Lehrmann was identifiable to the public based on the information provided in Wilkinson’s interview with Higgins. It is worth noting that no findings have been made against Lehrmann regarding the alleged crime.

Lisa Wilkinson’s Legal Action

Wilkinson has taken legal action in the NSW Supreme Court to compel Network Ten to cover the costs of her separate defense team. Up until now, Wilkinson has been represented by her own legal team, independent of Network Ten’s lawyers. If successful in her court action, Network Ten would be required to assume responsibility for the expenses incurred by Wilkinson’s defense team. The case is scheduled for mention in the court on November 3rd.

Editorial and Philosophical Discussion

This legal battle between Lisa Wilkinson, Bruce Lehrmann, and Network Ten raises several important questions related to defamation, media responsibility, and the financial burden associated with legal proceedings. Defamation cases have significant implications for both the individuals involved and the broader media landscape. In this case, the issue of whether Lehrmann was identifiable based on the information provided in Wilkinson’s interview is the central point of contention. It is a reminder of the responsibility media personalities hold when reporting sensitive matters and the potential consequences that can result from the dissemination of information.

The financial burden of legal proceedings can be substantial, causing significant stress and strain on individuals. In Wilkinson’s case, she is seeking reimbursement for the legal costs incurred in her defense, highlighting the financial impact that such cases can have on individuals, particularly in cases involving high-profile media figures. The outcome of this legal action will have implications for the ways in which media organizations handle such cases moving forward and the potential financial ramifications they may face.

Advice for Network Ten

In light of Lisa Wilkinson’s legal action, Network Ten should carefully consider its position and possible courses of action. Defamation cases can not only result in significant financial costs but also reputational damage for media organizations. It is crucial for Network Ten to assess the merits of the case and consult with legal experts to determine the best approach moving forward. The potential outcome of this case may have broader implications for the media industry as a whole, particularly in regard to the responsibilities of journalists and media organizations when reporting on sensitive matters.


Lisa Wilkinson’s legal battle with Network Ten over the defamation case brought against her by Bruce Lehrmann highlights the complex legal and ethical issues that arise in the media industry. With the financial burden of legal proceedings in focus, it is essential for individuals and media organizations to carefully consider the potential consequences of their actions. The ongoing case will provide crucial insight into the responsibilities of journalists and media outlets and the financial implications they may face in defending defamation claims.


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