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"Life without Parole: Serial Killer Paul Denyer's Ultimate Fate"

“Life without Parole: Serial Killer Paul Denyer’s Ultimate Fate”

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‘Ultimate certainty’: Serial killer Paul Denyer to stay behind bars for life


In a landmark decision, the Allan government in Victoria has announced that notorious serial killer Paul Denyer will remain in prison for life. The government has implemented new laws that not only ensure Denyer’s perpetual incarceration but also make it tougher for serious offenders to seek parole. The legislation, which aligns Denyer with other high-profile killers like Julian Knight and Craig Minogue, prohibits offenders from seeking parole unless they are terminally ill or incapacitated. Additionally, the Adult Parole Board will have the authority to impose a “no return” period for people serving life sentences, preventing them from making another parole application for up to five years. The board will also have the power to designate certain offenders as restricted prisoners, delaying their eligibility for release for five to ten years after their non-parole period ends. This decision represents a departure from the previous stance of former Premier Daniel Andrews, who criticized “one-person laws” and believed that they would invite significant legal challenges.

Background and Context

Paul Denyer, labeled the Frankston serial killer, was sentenced to three life sentences in 1993 for the brutal murders of Natalie Russell, Elizabeth Stevens, and Deborah Fream. Denyer became eligible for parole in May, but his application was swiftly denied. Friends and family members of Denyer’s victims have since advocated for legal changes to prevent him from making any further attempts at parole.

Improved Justice System

Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes has expressed her empathy for the victims’ families and acknowledged that the justice system can do better in handling these types of cases. The introduction of this legislation is intended to provide “ultimate certainty” to the families who suffered from Denyer’s heinous actions three decades ago. By explicitly naming Denyer in the legislation, the government aims to provide closure and peace of mind to the victims’ loved ones.

Impact on Families and Society

By preventing Denyer from seeking release, the legislation acknowledges the ongoing trauma endured by families affected by heinous and high-profile crimes. Corrections Minister Enver Erdogan stated that approximately 32 individuals currently in the corrections system may qualify for the newly established category of restricted prisoners. These declarations, which can be made before parole applications are submitted, take into account an offender’s efforts towards rehabilitation. Erdogan highlighted recent examples such as Adrian Bayley and James Gargasoulas, ensuring the community’s safety by imposing a long wait for their parole period.

Political Response and Reactions

The decision to keep Denyer in prison for life has received a mix of political reactions. Libertarian MP David Limbrick, who was in a relationship with one of Denyer’s victims, supports the legislation and acknowledges the relief felt by those who campaigned for this change since 2021. Opposition Leader John Pesutto welcomes the decision but criticizes the government for not acting sooner when the Liberals and Nationals proposed similar measures in the upper house.


The announcement that Paul Denyer will remain behind bars for life signifies a significant development in Victoria’s criminal justice system. This decision not only provides closure for the victims’ families but also signals a tougher stance on parole for serious offenders. By enacting legislation that restricts parole eligibility and imposes longer waiting periods, the government aims to prioritize public safety and ensure that those who commit heinous crimes face appropriate consequences. This move is part of an ongoing effort to improve the justice system’s handling of high-profile cases and lessen the burden on the families affected by these crimes.


While the decision to keep Paul Denyer in prison for life brings a sense of justice and closure, it is crucial to remember the ongoing trauma experienced by the victims’ families. It is essential for the government to continue providing support services to these families, ensuring that they have access to counseling, therapy, and resources to help them heal and rebuild their lives. Additionally, the government should continuously evaluate and improve the criminal justice system, identifying any gaps or areas for improvement to prevent similar atrocities from happening in the future.


"Life without Parole: Serial Killer Paul Denyer
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