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Serial Offenders Off the Streets: Victorian Government Set to Tighten Laws to Protect Frankston Residents

Serial Offenders Off the Streets: Victorian Government Set to Tighten Laws to Protect Frankston Residents

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Victorian Government Introduces Laws to Keep Frankston Serial Killer Paul Denyer in Prison for Life


The Victorian government is taking strong measures to ensure that notorious serial killer Paul Denyer, who brutally murdered three young women in 1993, remains incarcerated for life. The proposed legislation aims to give the parole board greater powers to restrict access to parole for murderers and serious sex offenders. Denyer’s bid for parole earlier this year was rejected, and the new laws will further solidify his imprisonment. The bill specifically names Denyer, offering a sense of closure and relief to the victims’ families, who have long been living with the fear that Denyer could reapply for parole at any time. The legislation is set to be introduced to parliament soon, with hopes that it will pass by the end of the year.

Laws Aimed at Restricting Parole for Violent Offenders

Under the proposed changes, the parole board will have the power to set a “no return” date for individuals serving life sentences or ban serial killers and child murderers from applying for parole for up to 10 years. Additionally, the parole board can classify certain murderers, child killers, and serious sexual offenders as restricted prisoners, preventing them from applying for parole for five years after their non-parole period. In cases where it is in the public interest, a restricted prisoner can be prohibited from applying for parole for 10 years. Furthermore, individuals serving life sentences will be restricted from reapplying for parole once their application has been denied.

Relief for the Victims’ Families

The inclusion of Denyer’s name in the legislation has brought immense relief to the victims’ families, particularly the father of Natalie Russell, one of Denyer’s victims. Brian Russell expressed his satisfaction with the announcement, stating that it felt like a tremendous weight had been lifted off their shoulders. He emphasized that this decision brings closure to their decades-long struggle, ensuring that Denyer will never have the opportunity to apply for parole again. Additionally, Russell spoke of the constant anxiety his family experienced, fearing that Denyer could be released back into the community. The legislation will now put an end to the possibility, offering a sense of finality for the victims’ families and improving their overall wellbeing.

Government’s Commitment and Opposition’s Criticism

While the opposition welcomed the government’s commitment to keeping Denyer behind bars forever, they also labeled it as overdue. In June of this year, the Liberal and Nationals introduced a bill with similar intentions, which was voted down by the Labor Government. Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes defended the government’s decision to take their time in refining the legislation, ensuring that it was comprehensive and purposeful. She acknowledged the traumatic experience faced by the victims’ families and emphasized the need to improve the justice system for all victims in the state. However, some critics have raised concerns about the bill undermining the authority of the courts in determining sentencing and parole matters. They argue that such restrictions could potentially have broader implications on the workings of the criminal justice system.


The proposed legislation by the Victorian government, aimed at keeping notorious serial killer Paul Denyer behind bars for life, is a step in the right direction to ensure justice for the victims and their families. The inclusion of Denyer’s name in the bill provides a sense of closure for the victims’ families who have long lived with the fear that he could be released back into society.

It is crucial to recognize the significant impact that crimes of this nature have on society. Serial killers and child murderers create a sense of fear and insecurity in communities, and it is the responsibility of the government to ensure the safety and protection of its citizens.

While the opposition has criticized the government for the delay in introducing this legislation, it is important to understand that refining such laws requires careful consideration and consultation with the victims’ families. It is a complex process to strike a balance between ensuring justice and upholding the principles of the criminal justice system.

The concerns raised by critics about the potential undermining of the courts’ discretion in the sentencing and parole decision-making process should be taken into account. It is essential that any reforms do not tip the balance and create a precedent where the government can impose severe restrictions without proper oversight. Striking the right balance is crucial to maintain the integrity of the criminal justice system while ensuring the safety of the community.

Ultimately, the government’s commitment to improving the parole system demonstrates a will to better protect the public and the victims of heinous crimes. The legislation sends a strong message that individuals who commit such heinous acts will face severe consequences and will be held accountable for their actions.


For the Victorian government:

1. Continue to prioritize the safety and protection of the community by implementing comprehensive measures to restrict parole for violent offenders.

2. Ensure that the bill strikes a balance between upholding the principles of the criminal justice system and imposing sufficient restrictions on offenders who pose a significant risk to society.

3. Engage in ongoing consultation with experts and stakeholders to refine the legislation and address any potential concerns raised by critics.

For the victims’ families:

1. Continue to advocate for stronger laws and stricter restrictions on parole for violent offenders to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

2. Seek support from community organizations and victim support services to help cope with the ongoing trauma and loss.

3. Stay engaged with the legislative process to ensure that your voices and concerns are heard and taken into account.

For the broader community:

1. Support the government’s efforts to implement comprehensive measures that prioritize public safety and protect against violent offenders.

2. Promote awareness and understanding of the impact of violent crimes on individuals and communities.

3. Advocate for ongoing improvements to the criminal justice system to ensure justice is served and the safety of the community remains a top priority.


Serial Offenders Off the Streets: Victorian Government Set to Tighten Laws to Protect Frankston Residents
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