"Living on the Edge: Chaos and Evacuations at Adelaide Hills Woolworths Supermarket"woolworths,supermarket,chaos,evacuations,adelaidehills
"Living on the Edge: Chaos and Evacuations at Adelaide Hills Woolworths Supermarket"

“Living on the Edge: Chaos and Evacuations at Adelaide Hills Woolworths Supermarket”

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Shoppers Evacuated as Adelaide Hills Woolworths Supermarket Gutted by Fire

Key Points:

  • A fire broke out in an Adelaide Hills Woolworths store, leading to the evacuation of shoppers
  • The cause of the fire is yet to be determined, with reports of exploding aerosol canisters
  • No injuries have been reported, but road closures and power outages are affecting the area
  • Efforts were made to save nearby businesses and critical infrastructure


A Woolworths supermarket in Adelaide Hills has been gutted by a large fire on Sunday afternoon, leading to the evacuation of shoppers. The fire, which caused thick, acrid smoke to blanket the area, required the assistance of 85 firefighters from the Country Fire Service (CFS) and Metropolitan crews to contain. While no injuries have been reported, the cause of the blaze is yet to be determined.

The Fire and Response Efforts

According to reports, aerosol canisters were heard exploding before the fire crews arrived at the scene. The extent of the fire was significant, and authorities are yet to identify the cause. Cameron Devey, the executive manager operations for CFS, stated that they would work with the South Australia Police (SAPOL) and fire investigators to determine the cause once it is safe to enter the site.

The fire led to the evacuation of the Woolworths store and the closure of nearby roads due to the thick smoke in the area. Power outages also affected Stirling, where the store is located. Despite the devastation, efforts were made to save nearby businesses and critical infrastructure such as the Telstra exchange and the Post Office.

Impact on the Community

The fire at the Woolworths store in Stirling is not just a loss for the retailer but also has a significant impact on the local community. The supermarket was described as the main shopping center in the area, and its destruction leaves a void in the community’s access to groceries and other essential items. Many people who rely on the store for employment may be unable to work as a result of the fire.

David Alderdice, a shopper at the supermarket during the incident, described the chaos that ensued after the alarms went off. He expressed his devastation, stating that the supermarket was a vital part of the Stirling community. The road leading to the store became invisible due to the thick smoke within minutes, and the collapse of the roof added to the intensity of the situation.

Editorial and Perspective

Fires, such as the one that devastated the Woolworths store in Adelaide Hills, serve as a reminder of the catastrophic consequences that can result from even a small incident. While the cause of the fire remains unknown, it is an opportunity to reflect on the importance of fire safety measures in both commercial and residential spaces. Businesses should prioritize adequate safety measures such as fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and employee training to prevent and respond to fire emergencies effectively.

The impact of the fire on the Stirling community is substantial, as it not only disrupts the access to essential goods but also affects the livelihoods of many individuals who depended on the supermarket for employment. It is crucial for the community to come together and support those affected, whether by offering temporary employment opportunities or providing assistance to affected families.

Advice for the Future

In light of this incident, it is essential for individuals and businesses to take proactive steps to prevent fires and ensure their preparedness for emergencies. This includes regularly checking fire alarms, implementing fire safety protocols, and regularly reviewing evacuation plans for both residential and commercial spaces.

Communities should also invest in fire prevention and response training, which can equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to respond effectively in case of emergencies. Additionally, maintaining open lines of communication with local fire departments and being aware of local fire safety regulations can help prevent and mitigate the impact of such incidents.

In conclusion, the fire at the Adelaide Hills Woolworths store highlights the importance of fire safety and preparedness in both businesses and communities. While the immediate impact is devastating, it presents an opportunity for individuals and organizations to reflect on their own fire safety measures and take steps to ensure the safety and well-being of all.


"Living on the Edge: Chaos and Evacuations at Adelaide Hills Woolworths Supermarket"
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