Not Again Down Under: Sony Falls Victim to Cyber Attack in Australia - Help Net Securitywordpress,cyberattack,Australia,Sony,security
Not Again Down Under: Sony Falls Victim to Cyber Attack in Australia - Help Net Security

Not Again Down Under: Sony Falls Victim to Cyber Attack in Australia – Help Net Security

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Sony Allegedly Hacked Again: Claims Data Breach

On Sunday, a relatively new ransomware group called claimed to have hacked Sony and obtained valuable data. The group made the announcement on their leak site, stating that they had compromised all of Sony‘s systems and intended to sell the data after Sony refused to pay their ransom. While has provided some evidence to support their claims, critics argue that the evidence is not sufficient to confirm the breach.

Possible Implications of the Data Breach

If’s claims are genuine, it could have significant consequences for Sony. This is not the first time Sony has faced a data breach, with previous incidents including the well-known hack of the PlayStation Network (PSN) in 2011 and the massive Sony Pictures Entertainment hack in 2014. These breaches resulted in the compromise of sensitive user information and caused significant damage to Sony‘s reputation.

This latest breach, if proven, could have a similar impact on Sony‘s reputation and profitability. The stolen data could be used for various malicious purposes, including selling it on the dark web, extortion attempts, or targeting individuals and organizations associated with Sony.

The Reputation of may not be as well-known as other prominent ransomware gangs, such as Cl0p or BlackCat. Nevertheless, they have a history of conducting devastating attacks on financial organizations, data providers, and managed IT companies, according to Ryan McConechy, the CTO of Barrier Networks. While false announcements can damage the reputation and profitability of ransomware gangs, McConechy believes there is a strong possibility that’s claims are genuine and therefore should be investigated thoroughly.

The Importance of Immediate Remediation and Response

If’s claims are accurate, it is crucial for Sony to take immediate remediation action. This action should include conducting forensic investigations to identify the stolen data and updating systems to reduce the value of the compromised information. The affected parties must be promptly informed so that they can be vigilant against phishing scams and further attacks.

In light of this incident, it is also essential for Sony to prioritize cybersecurity education and awareness among its employees. Phishing and social engineering scams continue to be significant risks, and employees need to be well-versed in identifying and responding to such threats. Additionally, improving corporate defenses by implementing measures such as credential management should be a priority for Sony.


The alleged breach of Sony by the ransomware group has raised concerns about the security of the company’s systems and the potential impact on its reputation. While the evidence provided by is not conclusive, the history of the group and the potential consequences of a breach warrant a thorough investigation by Sony. Prompt action, including remediation efforts and communication with affected parties, will be essential to mitigate the risks and protect the company’s interests.


Not Again Down Under: Sony Falls Victim to Cyber Attack in Australia - Help Net Security
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