"NSW RFS on High Alert: Emergency Warnings for... "nsw-rfs,high-alert,emergency-warnings,bushfires
"NSW RFS on High Alert: Emergency Warnings for... "

“NSW RFS on High Alert: Emergency Warnings for… “

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National NSW Extreme Weather: As it happened

A Wrap Up of Tuesday’s Events

Residents and holidaymakers on the South Coast of New South Wales are facing a nervous wait tonight as a wind change is expected to hit the region around 2am. The Coolagolite fire, which has already burned through approximately 5800 hectares, is still posing a threat to areas such as Cuttagee, Barragga Bay, Murrah, Bunga, and Goalen Head. The potential for the southerly wind change to push the fire north towards Bermagui, a popular holiday spot, has put residents on high alert. The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) has issued a warning advising those in Bermagui to consider relocating to safer places like Bega or Narooma before nightfall.

Queensland lends a hand to NSW

The NSW RFS has expressed its gratitude to Queensland for providing a large air tanker during the firefighting efforts. With 81 fires still burning across the state, including six that are uncontained, the assistance from Queensland Fire and Emergency has been invaluable. The collaboration between states during these extreme weather events highlights the importance of a united front in tackling the bushfire crisis.

Pictures from today’s fires

Herald photographers James Brickwood and Brook Mitchell have captured powerful images of the fires that occurred today. The photographs showcase the devastating effects of the Coolagolite fire in the South Coast, as well as the efforts of water bombing aircraft and firefighters in containing the blaze near Cessnock. These images serve as a reminder of the resilience and bravery displayed by the firefighters and the communities affected by the fires.

Southerly change hits Coolagolite fire

The much-anticipated southerly wind change has reached the Coolagolite fire early, bringing cooler temperatures and higher humidity. While these conditions are initially welcome, there are concerns that the change might push the fire north towards Bermagui. The potential impact on heavily populated areas serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of bushfires and the need for continuous vigilance.

Hazardous Surf Warning in place for Sydney, Illawarra

In addition to the extreme weather conditions, a hazardous surf warning has been issued for several coastal areas, including Sydney, Illawarra, and Batemans Coast. The strong winds associated with the warning necessitate caution, with people advised to avoid the water and surf-exposed areas. The warning extends to rock fishers and boaters, urging them to seek sheltered locations and consider delaying their voyages.

Coolagolite fire moves towards coast

The Coolagolite fire is intensifying, threatening properties in the Barragga Bay area as it moves toward the coast. Residents in Goalen Head are now being told it is too late to leave. The NSW RFS has stated that the fire is moving rapidly in an easterly and southerly direction under strong winds. While a southerly wind change is expected to bring cooler temperatures and increase humidity, it also has the potential to push the fire north towards Bermagui.

Martinsville fire downgraded to ‘advice’

The Martinsville fire, which had been at a ‘watch and act’ level earlier in the day, has now been downgraded to ‘advice’ level. Fire crews have managed to contain the blaze in the Lake Macquarie region, but residents on Mount Nellinda Road in North Cooranbong are advised to remain alert as conditions may change. The NSW RFS emphasizes the importance of being prepared and leaving early if necessary to ensure safety during these unpredictable fire events.

Residents relieved as Cessnock fire downgraded

Residents near Cessnock experienced a moment of relief as the fire in the Kearsley area was downgraded from an emergency level to ‘advice’ level. One resident, Hannah Dooley, who lives near the fire-affected area, expressed her relief but also highlighted the ongoing concerns regarding potential wind changes overnight. The fluctuating conditions serve as a reminder of the anxiety and uncertainty faced by those living in fire-prone areas.

Coolagolite fire burns more than 5000 hectares

The Coolagolite fire has rapidly spread across more than 5000 hectares in just six hours, posing a significant challenge to firefighting efforts. The fire near Bermagui started in the early afternoon and remains at an emergency level. Residents in Cuttagee, Barragga Bay, Murrah, and Bunga have been advised to seek shelter. Spot fires caused by embers continue to emerge, and residents in Bermagui are urged to be prepared for a potential wind shift overnight. Over 1300 firefighters and specialists are currently on the ground, striving to contain the numerous fires still burning across the state.

Residents asked to relocate to Bega, Narooma

In light of the impending southerly wind change, the NSW RFS has issued a warning urging residents near the Coolagolite fire to relocate to safer areas if they are not adequately prepared to defend their properties. The potential impact of the wind change on Bermagui and surrounding properties has prompted the RFS to advise relocation to places like Bega or Narooma before nightfall. Evacuation centers have been established at Bega Showground and Narooma Leisure Centre to accommodate those who require assistance or a place of refuge.

Overall, the extreme weather conditions in New South Wales, including scorching temperatures, strong winds, and hazardous surf warnings, have posed significant challenges for firefighters and communities alike. The swift, collaborative response from neighboring states and the dedication of firefighters and emergency services personnel have been crucial in mitigating the risks and protecting lives and properties. As the bushfire season continues, it is essential for communities to remain vigilant, prepared, and responsive to ensure their safety in the face of such extreme weather events.


"NSW RFS on High Alert: Emergency Warnings for... "
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