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Portugal Footy Protest Mistaken Identity: Fact-Checking the Palestine Flag Fiasco

Portugal Footy Protest Mistaken Identity: Fact-Checking the Palestine Flag Fiasco

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Footballer waving the Palestine flag is NOT Portugal superstar Cristiano Ronaldo

The Viral Tweet and Allegations

Recently, social media platforms were flooded with allegations that Portugal superstar Cristiano Ronaldo showed his support towards Palestine by waving its flag on the field during a football match. A viral tweet claimed, “Star footballer Christiano Ronaldo is supporting Palestine by raising their flag after victory.” This news sparked controversy and garnered public attention.

The Truth Unveiled

However, a report from India Today has revealed that the footballer in question is not Cristiano Ronaldo but the Moroccan footballer Jawad El Yamiq. The video being circulated is from the 2022 FIFA World Cup when Morocco defeated Canada. It was not a recent event as claimed in the viral tweet. The media organization Middle East Eye had shared the video on YouTube on December 2, 2022, clearly showing Yamiq celebrating with a Palestinian flag.

The Clarification

Other media sources, such as Doha News, also shared a similar video with the correct information. Additionally, news reports confirmed that Moroccan footballers waved the Palestinian flag during their historic win over Spain in the previous year’s World Cup. This incident further solidifies the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo was not involved in any flag-waving incident supporting Palestine.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Current Endeavors

At present, Cristiano Ronaldo is focused on extending his stay at the Saudi-based club Al-Nassr. Reports suggest that the 38-year-old veteran is eager to renew his contract with the club until early 2027. Furthermore, he aims to participate in the next FIFA World Cup in 2026 before bidding farewell to the game.

Editorial: The Impact of Misinformation

This incident highlights the significant impact of misinformation and the responsibility of both social media users and platforms to verify information before sharing it. In the digital age, false information can spread like wildfire, leading to confusion, misunderstanding, and even the tarnishing of reputations.

In this case, Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most celebrated footballers in the world, became a victim of mistaken identity due to the careless spread of misinformation. Such incidents not only cause harm to individuals but also contribute to the erosion of public trust in news and social media platforms. It is crucial for users to fact-check before sharing content and for platforms to implement stricter measures to combat misinformation.

Advice: Promoting Responsible Information Sharing

To prevent the spread of misinformation, it is essential for individuals to follow these guidelines:

1. Verify the facts before sharing:

Before sharing any news or information, take the time to verify its authenticity. Check multiple sources, consult reputable news outlets, and look for official statements or confirmations.

2. Be cautious of viral content:

Viral content often spreads rapidly, but popularity does not guarantee accuracy. Exercise caution when encountering viral information and double-check its veracity before acting on it or sharing it further.

3. Promote critical thinking:

Encourage critical thinking skills among individuals to help them evaluate information objectively. Teach friends, family, and colleagues how to discern credible sources and question the validity of claims.

4. Report false information:

If you come across false information or suspect misinformation, report it to the respective social media platform or website. By doing so, you contribute to the collective effort to combat misinformation and protect others from being misled.

5. Support fact-checking organizations:

Support and rely on reputable fact-checking organizations that play a crucial role in verifying information and debunking falsehoods. These organizations help maintain the integrity of news and ensure the public receives accurate information.


The mistaken identity incident involving Cristiano Ronaldo waving the Palestine flag serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible information sharing in the digital age. It is essential for individuals to fact-check information before sharing it and for social media platforms to take proactive measures to combat misinformation. By promoting responsible information sharing, we can foster a more informed and reliable digital landscape.


Portugal Footy Protest Mistaken Identity: Fact-Checking the Palestine Flag Fiasco
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