Record-Breaking Marathon Run Sends Shockwaves Through Athleticsmarathon,athletics,record-breaking,running,sports
Record-Breaking Marathon Run Sends Shockwaves Through Athletics

Record-Breaking Marathon Run Sends Shockwaves Through Athletics

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‘Absolutely insane’: Kenyan rising star Kelvin Kiptum smashes Eliud Kipchoge’s marathon world record

By Zachary Gates

2 hours ago

Kenyan runner Kelvin Kiptum has shocked the athletics world by demolishing Eliud Kipchoge’s marathon world record in the Chicago Marathon. The 23-year-old Kiptum completed the race in two hours and 35 seconds (2:00:35), breaking Kipchoge’s record and becoming the new world record holder. This achievement is particularly remarkable considering that Kiptum was only participating in his third marathon. Prior to Kiptum’s triumph, Kipchoge had held the world record since September 2018, when he lowered it to 2:01:09 at the Berlin Marathon.

The Super Shoe Era and Controversial Records

Kiptum’s incredible feat is another addition to the growing list of world records being broken in what is now known as the “super shoe” era. These records have sparked controversy within the athletics community due to the impact of the technologically advanced shoes worn by athletes. Kiptum wore Nike Dev 163 prototype shoes during the Chicago Marathon, similar to the shoes used by other record-breaking runners in recent years.

Kiptum’s achievement adds to the ongoing discussion about the legitimacy of these records and whether they should be considered on par with records set in previous eras. Critics argue that the shoes give an unfair advantage to the athletes, while others argue that advancements in technology have always played a role in pushing boundaries in sports. This debate raises important questions about the nature of athletic achievements and the role of technology in shaping them.

The Pursuit of the Sub-Two-Hour Marathon

Unofficial Record by Eliud Kipchoge

In October 2019, Eliud Kipchoge made history by becoming the first person to complete a marathon in less than two hours, finishing with a time of 1:59:40 in Vienna. However, this remarkable achievement did not count as an official world record due to the unique circumstances of the race, which included a rotating group of pacemakers and other external factors. Nevertheless, Kipchoge’s feat ignited a new level of excitement and anticipation surrounding the possibility of an official sub-two-hour marathon.

Kelvin Kiptum’s Potential to Achieve the Sub-Two-Hour Marathon

Kiptum’s record-breaking run in the Chicago Marathon has further fueled the anticipation for the first official sub-two-hour marathon. With his impressive performance and consistent improvement, Kiptum has proven to be a formidable contender for this historic milestone. His previous close encounters with breaking the world record indicate that he has the skills and determination to achieve this feat in the future.

However, the sub-two-hour marathon remains a challenging goal that requires not only exceptional athletic ability but also favorable race conditions and the right mindset. Only time will tell if Kiptum, or any other runner, will be able to join the elite club of sub-two-hour marathoners.

Editorial: Pushing the Boundaries of Human Potential

Kiptum’s extraordinary performance in the Chicago Marathon pushes the boundaries of what was once considered humanly possible, leaving us in awe of the resilience and sheer determination of athletes. It reminds us that the impossible can become possible with relentless training, focus, and the right conditions. Records are meant to be broken, and Kiptum’s achievement illustrates the never-ending pursuit of excellence in the world of sports.

However, as we witness these record-breaking moments, it is essential to navigate the ethical implications surrounding the use of advanced technology in sports. While technological advancements have the potential to enhance sports performance, strict regulations and considerations must be put in place to ensure fairness among athletes and maintain the integrity of the competitions.

Advice for Kelvin Kiptum

Kiptum’s rapid rise to the top of the marathon world comes with newfound expectations and pressure. As he continues his journey as a record-breaking athlete, it is crucial for Kiptum to stay grounded and focused on his training and personal growth. He should embrace the challenges that lie ahead and continue to seek guidance from experienced coaches and mentors who can help him navigate the complexities of the sport.

Additionally, Kiptum should be mindful of the impact his achievements have on future generations. Aspiring athletes will look up to him as a role model, and he has the opportunity to shape the future of marathon running. By embodying the values of dedication, fair play, and perseverance, Kiptum can inspire others to pursue their dreams and excel in their chosen sports.


Kelvin Kiptum’s record-breaking run in the Chicago Marathon is a significant milestone in the world of athletics. It highlights the constant evolution of human potential and the ongoing debate surrounding technological advancements in sports. As Kiptum paves his way to further greatness, he must remain committed to his craft and aware of the responsibilities that come with his accomplishments. Through his journey, he can inspire a new generation of marathon runners and leave a lasting impact on the sport.


Record-Breaking Marathon Run Sends Shockwaves Through Athletics
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