Red Hill Retreat: Former Wallabies Captain James Horwill Offers his Property for Rentredhillretreat,wallabiescaptain,jameshorwill,propertyforrent
Red Hill Retreat: Former Wallabies Captain James Horwill Offers his Property for Rent

Red Hill Retreat: Former Wallabies Captain James Horwill Offers his Property for Rent

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James Horwill Keeps Rent on Brisbane Property Unchanged for Over a Decade

In a surprising move, former Wallabies captain James Horwill has listed his Brisbane property for rent at the same price it was set over a decade ago. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Red Hill has been priced at $800 a week since 2011, and Horwill has decided to maintain that figure in his search for a new tenant.

Horwill, who retired from professional rugby in 2019 after a successful career that included captaining both the Queensland Reds and the Australian national team, purchased the inner-city house in 2009, just two years before leading the Reds to victory in the Super Rugby competition.

A Property with Charm and Convenience

The 1920s Queenslander, located only 2km from Brisbane CBD, boasts a charming and contemporary design. It has undergone extensive renovations, making it an ideal home for those seeking a quiet retreat with spacious entertainment areas.

The property listing provided by Ray White Sherwood-Graceville on emphasizes the versatility of the home, stating that it offers the perfect blend of indoor and outdoor living on a single level. The new tenant will also benefit from included garden maintenance, ensuring that the property remains in top condition.

Affordable Living with Access to Amenities

The Red Hill location offers a range of amenities and conveniences. Prospective tenants can enjoy dining at the nearby Normanby Hotel, catch a movie at the historic The Barracks, or explore the foodie paradise of Paddington and Rosalie. For those who appreciate the outdoors, the Roma Street Parklands and the renowned Suncorp Stadium are within walking distance.

Considering the prime location, the $800 weekly rent for this property is highly competitive. It provides an opportunity for potential tenants to live in a sought-after area without incurring exorbitant costs. Horwill’s decision to maintain the rental price over the years reflects his commitment to offering affordable housing to residents.

The Significance of James Horwill’s Rent Stance

James Horwill’s decision to keep the rent unchanged for over a decade invites us to reflect on the role of professional athletes in society and the responsibilities they bear. While many athletes amass significant wealth throughout their careers, Horwill’s choice to offer a reasonably priced rental property indicates a sense of civic duty and a desire to ensure access to affordable housing.

In an era marked by skyrocketing property prices and mounting concerns over housing affordability, Horwill’s stance serves as a reminder that those with the means can make a meaningful impact by prioritizing the needs of the community. By resisting the temptation to profit from a highly sought-after property, he sets an example of responsible citizenship.

Editorial: The Importance of Affordable Housing

James Horwill’s decision to maintain an affordable rental price for his property carries significant implications for the ongoing debate surrounding housing affordability in Australia. With property prices reaching new heights, particularly in urban areas, many individuals and families struggle to secure suitable housing without enduring financial strain.

Housing affordability is a pressing issue that deserves attention from both the government and private sector. While the government has a responsibility to implement policies that promote affordable housing options, individuals and organizations can also contribute by making conscious choices that prioritize the well-being of the community.

Horwill’s stance is a refreshing reminder that affordable living should not be out of reach for those on average incomes. It challenges the narrative that high property prices are inevitable and sends a message that, even in a competitive market, there is room for compassion and consideration for those in need.

Advice for Prospective Tenants

For those interested in renting James Horwill’s property in Red Hill, this is an exceptional opportunity to secure a comfortable and modern home in a desirable location. With its close proximity to essential amenities and the CBD, this dwelling offers convenience and a high standard of living.

Given the property’s popularity, it is advisable to act promptly and submit a well-prepared application. Demonstrating your financial stability and a commitment to maintaining the property’s pristine condition will significantly increase your chances of being selected as the tenant.

Furthermore, while the rental price remains unchanged, it is essential to consider potential additional costs such as utilities and maintenance. It is advisable to carefully budget and ensure that the rental amount aligns with your overall financial situation.

In conclusion, James Horwill’s decision to keep the rent on his Brisbane property unchanged for over a decade showcases a commendable commitment to affordability and community welfare. It is a call to action for all individuals, particularly those with resources, to consider the impact of their choices and prioritize the needs of the community in a country facing housing affordability challenges.


Red Hill Retreat: Former Wallabies Captain James Horwill Offers his Property for Rent
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