Revamped Racing: Phillip Island MotoGP Shifts to Saturday Amidst Weather Woeswordpress,racing,PhillipIsland,MotoGP,weather,Saturday,revamp
Revamped Racing: Phillip Island MotoGP Shifts to Saturday Amidst Weather Woes

Revamped Racing: Phillip Island MotoGP Shifts to Saturday Amidst Weather Woes

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Safety Concerns Prompt Rescheduling of MotoGP Event at Phillip Island


The highly anticipated MotoGP event at Phillip Island in Victoria, Australia, has been rescheduled to Saturday due to concerns over strong wind gusts on Sunday. Organizers fear that wind gusts of up to 70km/h could endanger the safety of the riders. The decision to change the schedule was made after consultation with various MotoGP stakeholders, including Dorna Sports, the holder of the MotoGP commercial rights. The rescheduling ensures the safety of the riders and all those involved in the event.

Weather Concerns and Safety

The unpredictable nature of Victoria’s weather, coupled with forecasts of strong winds and rain on Sunday, led organizers to take action in the interest of rider safety. The picturesque venue has previously experienced adverse conditions in 2019, when qualifying had to be stopped due to high winds. Portuguese rider Miguel Oliveira even suffered a heavy crash during that year’s event. Given these past incidents and the forecasted similarities to 2019, MotoGP stakeholders decided to prioritize safety and reschedule the event.

Organizer’s Decision and Team Consensus

The Australian Grand Prix Corporation, responsible for managing the MotoGP event, received input from all teams and unanimously agreed to move the event to Saturday. Carlos Ezpeleta, the chief sporting officer of Dorna Sports, emphasized the importance of safety and expressed the intention to complete the full schedule, pending the weather conditions on Sunday. This decision showcases the responsible approach taken by the organizers and stakeholders in ensuring the well-being of everyone involved.

Impact and Planning

The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted cooler temperatures and a 95% chance of rain on Sunday, leading to the rescheduling of the event and potential ticket refunds for fans. The Australian Grand Prix Corporation is currently finalizing new plans for the weekend, prioritizing the best and safest possible experience for all attendees. Updates regarding the rescheduled MotoGP event and any further changes will be communicated to fans in a timely manner.


The rescheduling of the MotoGP event at Phillip Island from Sunday to Saturday due to safety concerns related to strong wind gusts showcases the commitment of MotoGP stakeholders to prioritize the well-being of riders and event attendees. By adapting the schedule proactively, they are ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all involved. The decision also highlights the unpredictable nature of weather conditions in Victoria and the need for organizers to be flexible in order to create a successful and secure event.


Revamped Racing: Phillip Island MotoGP Shifts to Saturday Amidst Weather Woes
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