The Final Siren: AFLW Last Round Scenarios Unraveledaflw,finalsiren,lastround,scenarios,unraveled
The Final Siren: AFLW Last Round Scenarios Unraveled

The Final Siren: AFLW Last Round Scenarios Unraveled

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AFLW Finals Race: Scenarios for Every Remaining Contender

The AFLW finals race is heating up, with just one round remaining and 13 teams still in contention for a spot in the finals. The final round will see teams between 8th and 13th all playing each other, setting the stage for a dramatic finish to the season.

Melbourne: Aim for Minor Premiership and Easier Qualifying Final

Melbourne, who have already secured the $1 million McClelland Trophy, will be aiming for the minor premiership in the final round. A win against Brisbane will solidify their first-place finish unless Adelaide achieves the biggest margin in AFLW history against West Coast. A loss to Brisbane, however, could see them drop to second place and face a tough qualifying final against North Melbourne. A win over Brisbane would knock the Lions out of the top four and give Melbourne a more favorable qualifying final against Essendon or Gold Coast.

Adelaide Crows: Simple Question of Winning

The Adelaide Crows, sitting in second place, have a simple task in the final round – win against West Coast and hope for a Brisbane upset against Melbourne to claim the minor premiership. Regardless, they are assured of finishing in the top two and hosting a qualifying final.

North Melbourne: Aiming to Maintain Top Four Position

North Melbourne will be looking to secure a win against the Western Bulldogs in order to maintain their position in the top four. A loss could potentially push them out of the top four, depending on the result of the Melbourne-Brisbane game.

Brisbane Lions: Must Win to Secure Finals Spot

The Brisbane Lions, last year’s Grand Final hosts, find themselves in a precarious position after a shock loss to St Kilda. They must win against Melbourne to secure a spot in the top four. A loss could see them replaced by the winner of the Essendon vs Gold Coast game and potentially slide as low as sixth place.

Essendon: Battling for a Spot in the Top Four

Essendon, after a few turbulent weeks, find themselves in a position where they can either make the top four or miss the finals entirely. A win against Gold Coast would put them in contention for a top-four spot, depending on the results of the North Melbourne and Brisbane games. A loss would require them to rely on other teams’ results to determine their fate.

Gold Coast Suns: Potentially Finish Anywhere from Third to Tenth

The Gold Coast Suns have had an unpredictable season and find themselves with the possibility of finishing anywhere between third and tenth. A win against Essendon, combined with favorable results in other games, could secure them a shock top-four spot. A loss, however, could mean missing the finals entirely, depending on other teams’ performances.

Geelong: Need to Win and Hope for Favorable Results

Geelong, with a strong percentage, have a chance to leapfrog into the top eight with a win against Hawthorn. They will need other results to go their way, with a particular focus on the Essendon vs Gold Coast game. The number of 4-5 teams that win or lose in the final round will determine their fate.

Sydney Swans: From Winless Season to Finals Contention

The Sydney Swans, in their second AFLW season, have the chance to go from a winless first season to finals contention. Their final game against Fremantle will require them to win by as much as possible and hope for results in other games to go their way. Their percentage advantage is slim, so the margin of victory will be crucial.

St Kilda: Stunning Upset Keeps Finals Hopes Alive

St Kilda’s stunning upset win over Brisbane has kept their finals hopes alive. They sit just outside the top eight with a three-goal gap in percentage. To secure a finals spot, they must win against Carlton and hope for results in other games to go their way.

Collingwood: Possibility of Making Finals Despite Loss

Collingwood could find themselves in the finals despite a loss in the final round. It would require specific wins by Carlton and Fremantle, with margins that are large enough to reduce the percentages of St Kilda and Sydney behind Collingwood’s, but not enough to raise Carlton and Fremantle’s percentages above Collingwood’s. However, a win against Richmond will improve their chances of making the finals.

Carlton and Richmond: Slim Chance of Making Finals

Carlton and Richmond, both with 4-5 records, have a slim chance of making the finals. They must rely on winning their respective matches by significant margins and hope for specific results in other games to go their way. Realistically, their chances of making the finals are small but not completely ruled out.

Fremantle: Slim Chance of Finals Contention

Fremantle’s slim chance of finals contention hinges on specific results in other games. Their percentage has taken a hit in recent weeks, and if either St Kilda or Collingwood win earlier on Sunday, their finals hopes will be dashed before they even take the field in their final round match against Sydney.

Editorial: The AFLW Finals Race – A Thrilling Finish

The AFLW finals race has been as competitive and unpredictable as ever, with multiple teams still in contention for a spot in the finals. The final round promises to be full of excitement and tension, as teams fight for their chance to compete for the ultimate prize.

One of the most intriguing storylines is the rise of the Sydney Swans, who are on the verge of making the finals in just their second AFLW season. Their resilience and hard work have paid off, and they now have the opportunity to complete a remarkable journey from a winless season to finals contention.

The battle for the top four is also captivating, with teams like Melbourne, Adelaide, North Melbourne, and Brisbane vying for a favorable qualifying final. The outcome of the Melbourne-Brisbane match will have significant implications, as it could determine whether the Demons face a tough matchup against North Melbourne or a more favorable one against Essendon or Gold Coast.

As the AFLW continues to grow in popularity and competitiveness, it is clear that the finals race has become a thrilling spectacle. The talent and determination of the players are on full display, and the stakes are higher than ever.

Advice for Teams in Contention

Melbourne and Adelaide: Maintain Focus and Momentum

For Melbourne and Adelaide, who currently sit at the top of the ladder, it is crucial to maintain focus and carry the momentum into the finals. Both teams have shown their dominance throughout the season, and they must continue to play at their best to secure a strong position in the finals.

North Melbourne and Brisbane: Fight Until the End

North Melbourne and Brisbane find themselves in a battle for the top four. Both teams need a win in the final round to secure their spot, and they must display resilience and determination to overcome their opponents. Every goal and every possession will count in these crucial matches.

Essendon and Gold Coast: Seize the Opportunity

Essendon and Gold Coast have the chance to secure a finals spot with a win in the final round. They must seize this opportunity and leave everything on the field. These games will be high-stakes, and every player must step up and perform to their full potential.

Geelong, Sydney, St Kilda, Collingwood, Carlton, Richmond, Fremantle: Play with Passion and Fight for Every Possession

For the teams on the edge of the top eight, it is essential to play with passion and fight for every possession. These final-round matches will be intense, and every goal, every mark, and every tackle will make a difference. These teams must leave it all on the field and show their hunger for success.


The AFLW finals race has reached its climax, with 13 teams still alive in the race for a spot in the finals. The final round promises to be full of drama, excitement, and unpredictability, as teams battle it out for their chance at glory. The players, coaches, and fans are in for a thrilling finish to the season, and may the best team prevail.


The Final Siren: AFLW Last Round Scenarios Unraveled
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