The Timeless Tales of Judy Nunn: Exploring the Success of her 17th International BestsellerJudyNunn,TimelessTales,InternationalBestseller,Success,Author,Books
The Timeless Tales of Judy Nunn: Exploring the Success of her 17th International Bestseller

The Timeless Tales of Judy Nunn: Exploring the Success of her 17th International Bestseller

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‘I’ve been at it for a while’: Bestseller Judy Nunn releases 17th novel

By Tatenda Chikwakukire | 2 hours ago

International best-selling author Judy Nunn has once again captivated readers with the release of her 17th novel, “Black Sheep.” At the age of 78, Nunn continues to demonstrate her passion for storytelling, with each book showcasing her exceptional talent and dedication to the craft.

In an interview with A Current Affair reporter Nat Wallace, Nunn shared how her recent move to the picturesque countryside allowed her to devote more time to her writing. “At two years per book – it’s been 34 years now – so I’ve been at it for a while,” Nunn revealed, highlighting the arduous but rewarding process of bringing her novels to life.

Nunn’s family estate, nestled in New South Wales’ Southern Tablelands, served as the perfect backdrop for her latest work. However, she drew inspiration from historical events to shape the narrative of “Black Sheep.” Exploring the intricacies of several generations on a landholding, Nunn delves into the presence of “bad seeds” that disrupt the family’s harmony.

“There’s some bad seeds that creep in. Are they going to do something with the family wealth? We don’t know, you have to find out,” Nunn teased, leaving readers intrigued and eager to uncover the twists and turns within her captivating story.

As “Black Sheep” hits bookshelves nationwide, Nunn embarks on a series of book signings, offering her fans an opportunity to meet the brilliant mind behind the timeless tales that have captured the hearts of millions. Don’t miss your chance to attend one of these events and engage in conversations with one of Australia’s most influential authors.


Judy Nunn’s literary success is a testament to her unwavering commitment to her craft. With each novel, she takes her readers on a journey through time and space, interweaving historical events and authentic characters with her unique storytelling prowess. Nunn’s ability to capture the essence of Australian landscapes and incorporate them into her narratives further adds to the immersive reading experience she provides.

Moreover, Nunn’s move to the countryside has undoubtedly enhanced her creative process. The peacefulness and tranquility that a rural setting offers have enabled her to delve deeper into her stories, creating richer and more immersive worlds for readers to explore.

Nunn’s longevity in the industry is a testament to her determination and passion for writing. Her ongoing dedication to honing her craft is an inspiration for aspiring authors and serves as a reminder that success is attainable with hard work and perseverance.

Advice for Aspiring Authors

While Judy Nunn’s achievements may seem lofty, her journey is a reminder that success as an author is attainable with dedication and persistence. Here are a few pieces of advice for aspiring writers:

1. Embrace your unique storytelling voice: Each writer possesses a distinctive voice and perspective. Embrace your individuality and use it to create compelling narratives that stand out.

2. Cultivate a disciplined writing routine: Writing consistently, even if it’s just a few hundred words a day, helps develop a habit and ensures progress. Set aside dedicated time for writing and stick to it.

3. Read widely and diversely: A well-rounded understanding of various genres and styles can help expand your creative horizons and inspire new ideas.

4. Seek feedback from trusted sources: Join writing workshops or critique groups to receive constructive feedback and improve your writing. Be open to criticism and consider different perspectives.

5. Persevere through rejections: Understand that the publishing journey is filled with setbacks and rejections. Use them as learning opportunities and continue to refine your craft.

In Conclusion

Judy Nunn’s release of her 17th novel, “Black Sheep,” is further proof of her immense talent as an author. With her uncanny ability to transport readers into captivating worlds, Nunn continues to be a revered figure in the literary world.

Readers and aspiring authors alike can draw inspiration from Nunn’s dedication and passion for her craft. Her success serves as a reminder that with perseverance and unwavering commitment, dreams can be transformed into reality.

So, avid readers and aspiring wordsmiths, don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in Judy Nunn’s latest masterpiece, “Black Sheep,” and attend her book signings if you get the opportunity. It promises to be a breathtaking journey through time and a testament to the sheer power of storytelling.


The Timeless Tales of Judy Nunn: Exploring the Success of her 17th International Bestseller
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