Three Epic Showdowns to Relish in the Rugby World Cup Grand Finalerugby,worldcup,grandfinale,epicshowdowns
Three Epic Showdowns to Relish in the Rugby World Cup Grand Finale

Three Epic Showdowns to Relish in the Rugby World Cup Grand Finale

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Three Duels to Savour in Rugby World Cup Final

Tale of the Hookers

In the highly-anticipated Rugby World Cup final between defending champions South Africa and New Zealand, there are several intriguing matchups to keep an eye on. One of the most crucial battles may take place between the hookers of both teams, Codie Taylor for the All Blacks and Bongi Mbonambi for the Springboks.

The performance of the hookers will be critical, as their ability to deliver quality line-out throws can make a significant difference in the outcome of the game. Codie Taylor had a disappointing match in the 2019 semi-final defeat against England, and he will be eager to make amends this time around. On the other hand, Mbonambi only played the first 20 minutes of the 2019 World Cup final due to a head injury, and he will be determined to make a memorable impact in the final this year.

Mbonambi’s past week has been overshadowed by allegations of making a racial slur at England’s Tom Curry, but the Springbok hooker was cleared of any wrongdoing. With no specialist backup hooker in the squad, Mbonambi will need to play a much longer stint on the field. His performance against France earlier in the tournament showcased his talent, and he will be aiming for a man-of-the-match display in the final.

Soft or Hard Centre

Another fascinating duel to watch in the final will be between Jesse Kriel of South Africa and Jordie Barrett of New Zealand in the centres. Both players have something to prove and will be eager to leave their mark on the game.

Jesse Kriel missed out on the 2019 World Cup due to injury, and he has been making up for lost time with outstanding performances in France. Kriel played a pivotal role in the Springboks’ quarter-final victory over France, showcasing his defensive prowess and contributing to the team’s attacking plays.

Jordie Barrett, on the other hand, aims to make up for the disappointment of the All Blacks’ loss to England in the 2019 semi-finals. He has been instrumental in the team’s journey to the final, providing a crucial presence in the backline. France’s former defence coach David Ellis hailed Barrett as a player who relieves pressure on fly-half Richie Mo’unga and praised the All Blacks’ three-quarter line as the best in the world.

The battle between Kriel and Barrett promises to be intense, with both players eager to make their mark on the game and help their respective teams secure victory.

The Scrum-Half Dance

The final also presents an exciting showdown between two of the finest scrum-halves of the past decade, Aaron Smith of New Zealand and Faf de Klerk of South Africa. Both players have been integral to their teams’ success throughout the tournament, and their performances in the final will be pivotal.

For 34-year-old Aaron Smith, this is his last dance at the Test level, and he aims to end his international career on a high note. Smith’s distribution skills and ability to control the game have been crucial to the All Blacks’ success. He demonstrated his poise and assurance in the semi-final against Argentina, and much will depend on his performance in the final.

Faf de Klerk, known for his flamboyant blonde locks, brings a different style to the scrum-half position. Despite a somewhat mediocre performance against Ireland in the pool stage, De Klerk displayed his composure and effectiveness in the quarter-final against France and the semi-final against England. He provides stability and a steady hand at the tiller for the Springboks.

At 32 years old, De Klerk is not far behind Smith in terms of his international career, and he holds the utmost respect for his opponent. Both players have looked up to each other throughout their careers, and their clash in the final will be one to watch.


The Rugby World Cup final between South Africa and New Zealand is set to deliver a thrilling display of skill, determination, and sportsmanship. As these two rugby powerhouses battle it out on the pitch, fans around the world will witness epic duels that could shape the destiny of the Cup.

The tale of the hookers, the battle in the centres, and the scrum-half dance all add layers of excitement and intrigue to an already captivating final. Each individual matchup carries its own significance and narrative, with players seeking redemption, making up for past disappointments, or leaving a lasting legacy.

These duels highlight the essence of rugby as a team sport and demonstrate how individual performances can have a profound impact on the outcome of a game. The reliability of the hookers in delivering accurate line-out throws, the defensive prowess and attacking contributions of the centres, and the control and distribution skills of the scrum-halves will be pivotal factors in determining the eventual winner.

Beyond the physical battles, the duels symbolize the mental fortitude and resilience required at the highest level of the sport. Players must overcome past setbacks, handle the pressure of the final, and perform at their best when it matters most.

To the rugby enthusiasts watching the final, take a moment to appreciate the skill, dedication, and sheer willpower on display. These duels represent the culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice, and they epitomize the true spirit of the game.


For the players taking the field in the final, the advice is simple: embrace the moment, trust in your abilities, and seize the opportunity to make a lasting impact. The duels that await them are not just individual battles but symbols of the collective effort and belief of the entire team.

To the viewers and fans, immerse yourself in the spectacle of this historic final. Appreciate the physicality, the skill, and the strategic brilliance that will be on display. Rugby is more than just a game; it is a celebration of human resilience and camaraderie.

As the final whistle blows and one team emerges victorious, the duels we witness will become an indelible part of Rugby World Cup history. It is through these duels and the stories they tell that the beauty and significance of the sport are truly revealed. So, get ready for a grand finale and prepare to witness three epic showdowns that will leave a lasting impression on the world of rugby.


Three Epic Showdowns to Relish in the Rugby World Cup Grand Finale
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