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Touchdown Down Under: Lionel Messi's Underwhelming MLS Debut in Inter Miami

Touchdown Down Under: Lionel Messi’s Underwhelming MLS Debut in Inter Miami

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Lionel Messi’s First MLS Season Ends Quietly

Lionel Messi’s first season with MLS club Inter Miami has come to a quiet end. Despite his best efforts, Inter Miami lost 1-0 to Charlotte FC in their final match of the season. Messi had a goal negated due to being offsides and a free kick that hit the crossbar. While Messi played the entire match and showed his usual competitive spirit, the result had no impact on Inter Miami’s already-eliminated postseason hopes.

The Success of Messi’s First Season

Although the end of Messi’s first MLS season was not as successful as he had hoped, it cannot be denied that it was a rousing success overall. Messi scored 11 goals and assisted five more in 14 appearances for Inter Miami. His impact on the team was evident, as his Inter Miami jerseys became the best-selling jerseys in the league. Additionally, Apple TV benefited from broadcasting MLS games, thanks in part to the presence of Lionel Messi.

Inter Miami coach Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino reflected on the season and acknowledged the achievements of the team. Winning the Leagues Cup tournament in August was a highlight for the club. Martino said, “If, at the time of signing, you had told me that we were going to win one of the three tournaments, I would have certainly signed with my eyes closed.”

Messi’s Performance in the Final Match

In the match against Charlotte FC, Messi had several opportunities to make an impact. He had a spectacular free kick that hit the crossbar and another free kick that was blocked by the wall of players. Messi also had an attempt on goal that was ruled offside. Despite his efforts, Inter Miami failed to score, and Kerwin Vargas of Charlotte FC scored the only goal of the match. Overall, Messi’s performance was relatively quiet but showed his usual engagement and determination.

Messi’s Decision to Play on Artificial Turf

Messi’s decision to play in the match against Charlotte FC is noteworthy because it was the first time he played on artificial turf in the MLS. During his press conference in August, Messi had expressed openness to playing on turf, stating that he had played on such surfaces in his early years. Although Charlotte FC had faced criticism for not installing a natural grass surface for Messi, they remained firm in their stance of playing on turf.

Messi’s Plans for the Offseason

After the match against Peru, Messi shared his plans for the offseason. He mentioned that he would play the remaining upcoming match before focusing on the November qualifying matches for the Argentine national team. Following the international fixtures, Messi expressed his excitement about enjoying the holidays in Argentina and having more time off in December. He emphasized the importance of starting preseason training in January to prepare for the next season.

Inter Miami’s Trip to China

Inter Miami has scheduled two friendlies in China on November 5th and 8th. These matches will provide an opportunity for the club to capitalize on Messi’s worldwide brand and enhance their own global presence. Inter Miami will face Qingdao Hainiu F.C. and Chengdu Rongcheng in these matches. After the international friendlies, it is likely that Messi will return to the Argentine national team for matches against Uruguay and Brazil.

The MLS Decision Day

While Messi’s performance captures attention, the MLS playoffs are also taking shape. With two playoff spots still up for grabs in the Eastern Conference and three in the Western Conference, several teams are fighting for their postseason hopes. The playoff race adds excitement to the MLS Decision Day, with numerous matches determining the final standings.

Overall, Lionel Messi’s first season in the MLS may have ended quietly, but it showcased his undeniable talent and impact on the league. The success he achieved with Inter Miami, as well as the anticipation for future seasons, leaves fans eagerly awaiting his next chapter in the MLS.


Touchdown Down Under: Lionel Messi
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