"World Environment Day 2023 kicks off in Côte d'Ivoire amidst global calls to action on climate change"climatechange,WorldEnvironmentDay,Côted'Ivoire,globalcallstoaction
"World Environment Day 2023 kicks off in Côte d'Ivoire amidst global calls to action on climate change"

“World Environment Day 2023 kicks off in Côte d’Ivoire amidst global calls to action on climate change”

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Millions celebrate World Environment Day 2023 in Cote d’Ivoire

Celebrations for the 50th World Environment Day kicked off in Cote d’Ivoire, bringing together millions of people from all over the world to celebrate environmental action. This year’s campaign focuses on the theme #Beat Plastic Pollution, and the events across the capital city, Abidjan, highlighted the efforts to address plastic waste.

Abidjan’s Ébérie Lagoon

One of the events for this year’s World Environment Day was held at Abidjan’s Ébérie Lagoon, nicknamed the ‘pearl of lagoons,’ which has been besieged by plastic waste. The tour, guided by representatives of Cote d’Ivoire’s Ministry of Environment, included Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and discussed the efforts to reduce pollution levels in the lagoon through better treatment and management of plastic waste.

The Dahliafleur Botanical Garden

The delegation’s next stop was the Dahliafleur Botanical Garden, a smaller natural reserve home to many species of birds and mammals. The botanical garden was stretched across 148 hectares and featured 69 species of birds and 15 species of mammals.

Abobo Museum of Contemporary Art and Culture

The final stop was the Abobo Museum of Contemporary Art and Culture, featuring an art exhibit entitled ‘Polymers, Art, Plastics’. This exhibit demonstrated how artists use plastic waste for their creations and displayed their diversity and the scale of plastic pollution. Close to 100 guests attended this event, including the Minister of Environment, Jean Luc Assi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kandia Kamissoko Camara, government representatives, UN entities, and local organizations active in the cultural space.

Editorial and Philosophy

World Environment Day is an annual event that encourages government, businesses, and individuals to take action toward creating a more sustainable world. However, as the theme for this year’s celebration suggests, plastic pollution is one of the world’s most pressing problems. The world must take immediate action to address this issue, as plastic waste takes years, even centuries, to decompose.

Everyone has a role to play in reducing plastic waste, including businesses, governments, and individuals. Governments should enforce strict laws to reduce plastic pollution in the environment. Companies should reduce their use of single-use plastics and adopt eco-friendly practices.

Meanwhile, individuals should also play their part. They can begin by bringing their reusable bags, bottles, and containers when buying groceries, food, or drinks. It is crucial to use and dispose of plastic products responsibly. Consumers need to keep in mind that reducing plastic waste is synonymous with saving the environment.


The fight against plastic pollution is everyone’s responsibility, and everyone can contribute to making the world cleaner and safer. Each of us can start by limiting our use of plastic. Instead of single-use plastic, opt for reusable materials, such as cloth bags, stainless steel water bottles, and travel mugs. Recycling plastic products into art installations can bring awareness to the enormous scope of plastic pollution.

As the world continues to celebrate World Environment Day annually, it is vital to remember that every day should be World Environment Day. It is a continuous reminder that we have to be responsible for our actions and mindful of our waste.


"World Environment Day 2023 kicks off in Côte d
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