"Taylor Swift's '1989 (Taylor's Version)' Review: Unveiling the Vault Tracks Masterpiece"taylorswift,1989,taylor'sversion,review,unveiling,vaulttracks,masterpiece
"Taylor Swift's '1989 (Taylor's Version)' Review: Unveiling the Vault Tracks Masterpiece"

“Taylor Swift’s ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ Review: Unveiling the Vault Tracks Masterpiece”

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1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ Is Our Deepest Look Yet Into the Record That Made Everyone a Swiftie

The Significance of “1989

In 2014, Taylor Swift released her critically acclaimed album “1989,” marking a significant transition in her career. The album propelled her into mainstream pop stardom and solidified her standing as one of the most influential artists of our time. Now, almost a decade later, Swift has given us “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” – a re-recording that allows us to delve deeper into the record that made everyone a Swiftie.

A Journey of Musical Transformation

Before the release of “1989,” Swift was primarily known as a country singer. However, this album showcased her artistic rebirth, firmly establishing her as a pop star. Collaborating with Swedish pop mastermind Max Martin and a young Jack Antonoff, Swift delved into the world of Eighties pop, drawing inspiration from the likes of Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox, and Madonna. The result was a seamless fusion of catchy melodies, glossy synths, and heartfelt lyrics that resonated with people from all walks of life.

The Vault Tracks

One of the most exciting aspects of “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” is the inclusion of five previously unreleased vault tracks. These songs offer a glimpse into Swift’s creative process during the making of the original album. Each track presents a unique sonic and thematic shift, showcasing Swift’s versatility as a songwriter.

“Slut!” – A Shimmering Ode to Love

The track “Slut!” is a hazy, shimmering ode to unabashedly being in love, even when faced with shame and judgment. With lyrics like “If they call me a slut, you know it might be worth it for once,” Swift not only challenges societal norms but also empowers her listeners to embrace their true selves.

“Say Don’t Go” – A Tragically Powerful Ballad

“Say Don’t Go,” co-written with Dianne Warren, is a power ballad that hits listeners with a gut-wrenching chorus: “Why’d you have to lead me on? Why’d you have to twist the knife?” This emotionally charged track is bound to be a fan-favorite and an anthem belted out in future concert arenas.

“Suburban Legends” – A Rush of Euphoria

“Suburban Legends” is a euphoric, dizzying track that immerses listeners in a rush of heady emotions. Swift’s collaboration with Jack Antonoff on production creates a sonic landscape that feels like the soundtrack to the world’s most addictive arcade game. Its infectious energy is impossible to resist.

“Now That We Don’t Talk” and “Is It Over Now” – The Highlight of the Vault

Among the vault tracks, “Now That We Don’t Talk” and “Is It Over Now” stand out as highlights. “Is It Over Now” serves as a sequel to the hit song “Out of the Woods” and reflects on the complexities of an unstable relationship. Meanwhile, “Now That We Don’t Talk” is a dreamy disco anthem that showcases Swift’s lyrical prowess with lines like “I don’t have to pretend I like acid rock, or that I’d like to be on a mega yacht with important men who think important thoughts.” These tracks embody the essence of Swift’s storytelling ability and leave a lasting impact on listeners.

The Redefined Sound and Richer Voice

When discussing the non-vault, re-recorded songs on “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” it is important to note the intention and results of Swift’s re-recording endeavor. The sonic similarity between the original album and the re-recording is deliberate, allowing listeners to experience the album in its original essence. However, Swift’s voice has matured and grown richer over the years. This evolution adds an extra layer of depth and emotion to the songs, making the re-recording a truly remarkable achievement.

1989 in a Post-Rockist World

1989 (Taylor’s Version)” arrives at a time when pop music is finally being taken seriously by cultural gatekeepers. The original album faced initial dismissals, with some critics failing to recognize its significance. However, in a post-rockist world where diverse genres find appreciation, “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” shines even brighter. The album stands as a testament to Swift’s artistry and her ability to transcend boundaries.

Final Thoughts: A Must-Listen for Swifties

1989 (Taylor’s Version)” is a must-listen for fans and newcomers alike. This re-recording offers a deeper understanding of the album that transformed Swift’s career and captivated millions. With the addition of the vault tracks, we are treated to a treasure trove of previously unheard gems that further showcase Swift’s songwriting prowess. As we stand on the beach, out of the woods, it becomes clear that “1989” was not just a record – it was a phenomenon that made everyone a Swiftie.


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