Battle against the Blaze: Firefighters Rally to Tame Bushfires Ravaging Kings Parkwordpress,bushfires,firefighters,KingsPark,blaze,rally,taming,battle
Battle against the Blaze: Firefighters Rally to Tame Bushfires Ravaging Kings Park

Battle against the Blaze: Firefighters Rally to Tame Bushfires Ravaging Kings Park

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Firefighters Rush to Contain Bushfires in Kings Park in Central Perth

Possible Arson in Kings Park

Authorities are working to contain several bushfires that are currently burning in Kings Park, located in central Perth. The fires broke out on Tuesday afternoon, and the police suspect that the cause of the blaze is suspicious. Early indications show that the fire had multiple ignition points, leading investigators to believe that it may have been intentionally started. At this time, the police do not have a suspect in custody.

Watch and Act Alert Level

The blazes in Kings Park have reached the Watch and Act alert level, which is the second most severe level. This alert level indicates that there is a possible threat to lives and homes in the area. The alert is in place for people residing in an area bounded by Lovekin Drive, Poole Ave, Thomas Street, and May Drive.

Efforts by Firefighters and Emergency Services

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) has assigned multiple fire fighting crews to battle the bushfires in Kings Park. Currently, there are about 45 firefighters on the scene, along with additional support from the Western Australian police. However, due to the size of the fire, it is expected that firefighters will be working in the area for an extended period of time. The DFES Incident Controller, Clint Kuchel, has stated that the fire has already burnt 4.5 hectares of land. He urges residents in the area to stay vigilant and follow the instructions of emergency services.

The Impact on Public Safety

As a precautionary measure, Kings Park has been closed to the public, ensuring the safety of both visitors and emergency personnel. Additionally, the police are coordinating efforts with fire crews to evacuate the western part of Kings Park. One witness, Lincoln, described the situation as he and a friend were preparing to leave the park. He mentioned that the flames were just meters away, causing him to fear for his safety.

Advice for the Public

For individuals who are currently in the affected area, it is crucial to stay informed and follow the instructions provided by emergency services. Regularly checking Emergency WA, calling the DFES hotline at 133 337, following DFES on Twitter, or tuning in to ABC Local Radio will help residents stay updated on the situation. It is of utmost importance to prioritize personal safety and follow evacuation orders if necessary.


The current bushfires in Kings Park, central Perth, are a cause for concern. With suspicions of arson and multiple ignition points, the police are working diligently to identify the perpetrators. The efforts of the firefighters and emergency services are commendable, as they battle the blazes to ensure public safety. It is imperative for residents in the affected area to stay vigilant, follow the instructions of emergency services, and prioritize their personal safety.


Battle against the Blaze: Firefighters Rally to Tame Bushfires Ravaging Kings Park
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