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Beauty Revolution Down Under: Glossier Finally Arrives in Australia

Beauty Revolution Down Under: Glossier Finally Arrives in Australia

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Glossier Finally Ships to Australia: A Beauty Revolution Down Under

A Long-awaited Arrival

After nine long years of anticipation, makeup minimalists in Australia can finally rejoice – cult NYC beauty brand Glossier is shipping to our shores. No longer do we have to rely on overseas parcel lockers or beg our well-traveled friends to bring us back the iconic pink bubble wrap bags. Glossier has been a global sensation since its launch in 2014, challenging the prevailing trend of contour-heavy full glam makeup with its “skin first” approach. Founded by Emily Weiss, the brand quickly garnered a devoted following and stood as a revolutionary concept in the beauty industry.

A Back-to-Basics Approach

Glossier‘s success can be attributed to its back-to-basics philosophy and digitally savvy team. In an era obsessed with perfection and heavy makeup, Glossier championed a natural, barely-there look that celebrated individuality. Their iconic products, such as the Boy Brow brow gel and Cloud Paint blushes and bronzers, have become holy grail items for beauty enthusiasts around the world.

A Tell-All Tale

While Glossier may have experienced some controversies along the way, a recent tell-all book shed light on these incidents and did little to dampen the brand’s popularity. People from all corners of the globe have clamored for the chance to experience Glossier‘s innovative products and join its vibrant community.

Shipping and Return Details

The news of Glossier‘s expansion to Australia comes on the heels of its launch in Sephora in the United States. As of now, Australians can place orders directly from the Glossier website and have them shipped to any address or PO box in the country. The cost of shipping is inclusive of duties and taxes, and orders over $110 qualify for free standard shipping, which takes about 4-6 business days. For purchases over $210, customers will receive complimentary express shipping, with an estimated delivery time of 4 business days. It’s important to note that there is a 1-3 day processing time before orders are shipped. Glossier also offers its standard 30-day return policy for Australian orders, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Editorial and Advice

Revolutionizing Beauty Down Under

The arrival of Glossier in Australia marks a significant moment for the beauty industry in our country. By challenging the traditional notions of makeup and emphasizing a fresh-faced, natural look, Glossier has disrupted the status quo. Its success serves as a reminder that beauty is not solely defined by heavy contouring and full coverage foundation. Through Glossier, Australians now have access to innovative products that enhance their natural beauty and celebrate individuality.

Embracing the Minimalistic Movement

Glossier‘s minimalist approach aligns perfectly with the evolving beauty trends in Australia. As a nation that values natural beauty and a laid-back lifestyle, many Australians have embraced the concept of less-is-more when it comes to makeup. Glossier‘s range of products, formulated to enhance rather than mask, fits seamlessly into this cultural shift.

Building a Skincare Foundation

Glossier‘s “skin first” philosophy emphasizes the importance of skincare as the foundation for a flawless complexion. By promoting a skincare routine that prioritizes hydration, protection, and nourishment, Glossier empowers individuals to take better care of their skin. Australian beauty enthusiasts can now avail themselves of Glossier‘s renowned skincare products, such as their Milky Jelly Cleanser and Super Serums, to achieve a healthy and radiant complexion.

Expanding Beauty Horizons

With the arrival of Glossier on Australian shores, it is essential for consumers to celebrate and support the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity. Glossier‘s range of products honors a wide range of skin tones and textures, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect match. By championing diversity, Glossier sets an example for the beauty industry as a whole, encouraging other brands to prioritize inclusivity.


The long-awaited arrival of Glossier in Australia has set off a beauty revolution down under. With its minimalist approach, emphasis on skincare, and commitment to inclusivity, Glossier has disrupted the traditional beauty landscape. Australians now have the opportunity to embrace their natural beauty and explore a range of innovative products that cater to their unique needs. Whether you’re a longtime Glossier fan or new to the brand, now is the time to immerse yourself in the beauty revolution Glossier has brought to our shores.


Beauty Revolution Down Under: Glossier Finally Arrives in Australia
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