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Bewildering Beauty: Survival Ascended Remake Sends Gamers on a Savage Journey

Bewildering Beauty: Survival Ascended Remake Sends Gamers on a Savage Journey

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Survival Ascended: Remake of Ark: Survival Evolved Drops on PC


In a surprising turn of events, Studio Wildcard has released the highly anticipated remake of the dinosaur survival game, Ark: Survival Evolved, titled Survival Ascended. The game, which showcases impressive Unreal Engine 5 graphics and improved physics-based destruction, aims to overhaul the immensely popular original survival simulation. With its first gameplay trailer, Survival Ascended has generated both excitement and controversy in the gaming community, as it launches as a separate game for $45, effectively replacing Ark: Survival Evolved, which shut down its official servers last month. While the economic aspect sparks debates, there is no denying that Survival Ascended has made significant advancements in technology and gameplay.

The Technological Improvements

Survival Ascended boasts a “ground up” rebuild of Ark: Survival Evolved, employing Unreal Engine 5 to enhance the gaming experience. One of the notable improvements is the use of the Lumen illumination system, which provides dynamic lighting and reflections from water sources, plants, and torches held by player characters. The introduction of Nanite mesh rendering ensures that everything from dinosaur skin to rocks and trees appears sharper, thanks to a more efficient streaming of assets to the GPU without sacrificing detail. This technological upgrade significantly enhances the visual quality of the game.

Moreover, Survival Ascended introduces instanced-based rendering for player bases, reducing the impact on performance when structures are placed close together. This allows sprawling player-made creations to have a significantly lower performance cost, as a hundred wall pieces require the same processing power as a single piece. The use of the new Chaos physics system further enhances the realism of the game, simulating physics in real-time and providing more natural-looking interactions between environments, objects, and characters.

Realistic Interaction and User Experience

Survival Ascended does not stop at technological upgrades but also focuses on improving the overall user experience. New fluid and foliage interaction systems add a level of realism to the game, allowing grass and water to react naturally to character movement, motion, and other factors. This includes realistic physics such as splashes, water displacement, foam in water, as well as dynamic grass and leaves that respond to character actions.

The revamped user interface allows for customization to varying levels of granularity, ensuring players can tailor their experience to their preferences. Additionally, a better third-person camera mode and an advanced map system that enables players to ping specific spots provide further enhancements to gameplay. Extra character customization options, revamped audio, and numerous quality-of-life upgrades contribute to a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

Survival Ascended also introduces new story content, nearly a dozen new creatures, and brand new downloadable content (DLC), along with seasonal events. These additions build upon the already extensive content released for Ark: Survival Evolved, further expanding the possibilities for players.

Modding and Cross-Platform Compatibility

Studio Wildcard has gone above and beyond to foster a thriving gaming community by introducing cross-platform modding capabilities. Survival Ascended features a new in-game mod browser and the Ark Devkit, which allow players to share custom-made buildings, maps, modes, and more across PC and console platforms. The collaboration with professional game studios and developers suggests that official crossovers may be on the horizon, providing even more exciting and immersive gameplay experiences.


Survival Ascended, the remake of Ark: Survival Evolved, presents gamers with a visually stunning and technologically advanced dinosaur survival experience. With improvements in graphics, physics, and user interaction, Studio Wildcard has taken great strides in enhancing the gaming experience. While the controversy surrounding its release as a separate game and its economic implications continue to stir discussions, it is undeniable that Survival Ascended offers a promising evolution of the original game. Whether players are returning fans or newcomers to the series, they can look forward to a more immersive, realistic, and enjoyable journey in the world of Survival Ascended.


Bewildering Beauty: Survival Ascended Remake Sends Gamers on a Savage Journey
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