"How to Stream the UEFA Champions League on TNT Sports in Australia"tntsports,uefachampionsleague,streaming,australia
"How to Stream the UEFA Champions League on TNT Sports in Australia"

“How to Stream the UEFA Champions League on TNT Sports in Australia”

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Australian Football Fans Can Now Watch UEFA Champions League on TNT Sports & discovery+


In an exciting development for football enthusiasts, TNT Sports has acquired the rights to broadcast every UEFA Champions League match in the UK, from the group stage to the final. Fans can now watch their favorite teams compete in this prestigious tournament on TNT Sports, available on major TV platforms. Additionally, the streaming home for TNT Sports in the UK is discovery+, which offers a subscription that includes TNT Sports, Eurosport, and other entertainment content.

How to Access TNT Sports and discovery+

To watch the UEFA Champions League on TNT Sports and discovery+, football fans in the UK have several options. The easiest way to subscribe to TNT Sports is through discovery+, BT, EE, Sky, or Virgin Media. TNT Sports offers up to four TV channels (TNT Sports 1, TNT Sports 2, TNT Sports 3, and TNT Sports 4) and up to six digital or red-button channels (TNT Sports 5 to 10), ensuring that fans have multiple viewing options. Fans looking for a one-stop destination for sports and entertainment can access TNT Sports, Eurosport, and more through the discovery+ app.

Activating discovery+

For those wondering how to activate their discovery+ subscription, the process is quick and straightforward. The activation can be done through one of the following four options:

  • BT Customer: If you pay for TNT Sports as part of your BT Broadband plan (BT TV, App, Sky), log in to MyBT and navigate to ‘Your Products’ and select ‘TV’. There, you’ll find the discovery+ activation tile.
  • BT Customer: If you’re a BT Mobile or a TNT Sports Monthly Pass customer, visit www.bt.com/sport/activate-discovery-plus and follow the steps.
  • EE Customer: If you joined BT before July 18, 2023, and have an active BT Sport account, visit www.bt.com/sport/activate-discovery-plus then select ‘activate my discovery+’ and follow the steps. Note that you will need to use your BT Sport login details (BT ID) to activate.
  • EE Customer: If you joined BT on or after July 18, 2023, or have not activated BT Sport, visit www.ee.co.uk/TNTSports. If you’re using an Apple (IOS) mobile to activate discovery+, it’s recommended to switch off Wi-Fi before activating. Then, select ‘activate by discovery+’ and follow the steps.

Once activated, fans can download the discovery+ app or visit discoveryplus.com to enjoy all the content available.

Device Compatibility

Football fans may be wondering which devices they can use to access discovery+. The platform is compatible with a wide range of devices, offering flexibility and convenience to viewers. More information on device compatibility can be found here.

Champions League Match Schedule

For football aficionados keen to plan their viewing schedule, here are the upcoming matches in the UEFA Champions League:


  • Galatasaray v FC Bayern Munich – 17:45
  • Internazionale v Red Bull Salzburg – 17:45
  • Manchester United v FC Copenhagen – 20:00
  • RC Lens v PSV – 20:00
  • Sevilla FC v Arsenal – 20:00
  • 1. FC Union Berlin v Napoli – 20:00
  • SC Braga v Real Madrid – 20:00
  • Benfica v Real Sociedad – 20:00


  • Feyenoord v SS Lazio – 17:45
  • FC Barcelona v Shakhtar Donetsk – 17:45
  • Newcastle United v Borussia Dortmund – 20:00
  • Paris Saint-Germain v AC Milan – 20:00
  • BSC Young Boys v Manchester City – 20:00
  • RB Leipzig v Crvena Zvezda – 20:00
  • Antwerp v FC Porto – 20:00
  • Celtic v Atlético Madrid – 20:00

For the complete TNT Sports schedule, fans can visit their official website. Additionally, TNT Sports will provide a live blog with real-time updates and analysis throughout the matches.

Editorial & Advice

The acquisition of the UEFA Champions League broadcasting rights by TNT Sports is a significant development that offers football fans in the UK a fresh viewing experience. With TNT Sports now broadcasting this prestigious tournament, fans have the opportunity to enjoy the thrilling action and drama of the Champions League on a new platform. The addition of discovery+ as the streaming home for TNT Sports further enhances the viewing experience by providing access to a range of sports content, including Eurosport.

Football fans are advised to explore the different subscription options available through BT, EE, Sky, and Virgin Media to find the best package that suits their preferences. Additionally, activating their discovery+ subscription is a simple process that can be done through the provided links, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.

With a wide range of compatible devices, fans can easily access UEFA Champions League matches and other sports content on their preferred platform, adding convenience and flexibility to their viewing routine.

The TNT Sports and discovery+ partnership promises to bring football enthusiasts closer to the excitement of the UEFA Champions League. With every match broadcasted live and additional features such as the live blog, fans can stay engaged and updated throughout the tournament.

Whether it’s supporting your favorite team or enjoying the fierce competition between top football clubs, the UEFA Champions League on TNT Sports and discovery+ is set to provide an unforgettable viewing experience for Australian football fans.


"How to Stream the UEFA Champions League on TNT Sports in Australia"
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